Otoko Nara Ikkokuichijou no Aruji o Mezasa Nakya, ne? Chapter 99

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See Al this is why in isekai you never lower your head to ANYONE. Even if we means having it cut off by the King. Need to get them Japanese habits out of you.
Also, I realized how much I suck at translating really precise lines down to the word once again this chapter. It was the same with the armor but trying to find the right wording for everything that's going on in combat like this is the hardest type of translating for me. (Or at least being able to do it in a decent amount of time)  I wanted to try and get to 104 by tomorrow but at best 101.
Year 7442, Month 12, Day 28
It's somehow become a strange situation, but, this is a good chance for to appeal herself. She can't afford to show too embarrassing of a scene. Well, in worst case I'm sure it would be fine if she just froze them right away. It seems that in the past sister did it to Baron Logan before after all. No matter how I think about it, if it's just a normal one-on-one practice match then there's no chance of me losing. I need to show off my good side to Zulu and Angela as well.
After getting on my horse I started off alone towards the government office to pay taxes for the luxury tax while grinning to myself.
I need to quickly pay the taxes at the government office then I need to get something adequate in my stomach before heading to the riverside.
Since I found a decent restaurant on my way to pay the taxes I decided to eat there. I left my horse with the stable in the back and then took up a seat along the road. Bacon, bean soup, pork piccata, and white bread. Just as you could expect from the capital with it's huge population, I felt like it was a bit expensive but it's a very satisfying meal. The payment is at the end of the meal as well. In any case, it's my first time eating piccata on Orth. I wonder if they're making pork cutlets somewhere? I'm sure there's no Japanese sauces but I at least have some mayonnaise and if I search a bit I know there's mustard. Ah, if I just had rice with this I'd have nothing more to say but I can't do anything about asking for something that I can't find.
After asking for my usual bean tea, I staring at the road while satisfied with my stomach full and sipping it. There's a peddler's carriage advancing along the block a bit ahead. There's what appears to be a dwarf man and woman in the carriage box, two human men as escorts, and one more that seems to be quite short is it still a child? There's one more woman. It's a scene you can see anywhere. Hn? That child or woman that seems to be either an escort or peddler..It seems she's got her hair tied up into one large braid but her hair is black.
【Gulinel.Akdam/2/7/7429 】
【Female/14/2/7428 ・ Dwarf ・ Rombert Kingdom Rombert Duke Territory Registered Free Person】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 14 Years Old】
【Level: 3】
【HP: 65(65) MP: 11(11)】
【Strength: 11】
【Speed: 6】
【Dexterity: 15】
【Endurance: 11】
【Unique Ability: Mapping (Lv. 8)】
【Special Ability: Small Magic】
【Special Ability: Infrared Vision】
【Experience: 7821(10000)】
Oh~ since she had black hair I unintentionally used identify without meaning to..What? I just said red characters didn't I?
She disappeared from my field of vision before I could see clearly so I don't know but I think there was some red characters.
It's a Unique Ability! I can't afford to be sitting here! I need to at least call out to her!
I went to stand up and pulled my bayonet from the chair next to me.
I guess I was in too much of a hurry and my expression had changed, the waiter woman who was just about to bring my bean tea screamed, "hii" and dropped the bean tea. I grabbed my bayonet and
"Bring my horse around."
and yelled that while jumping out of the restaurant. However, from the restaurant they said
"It's an eat and run, eat and run?!!"
I heard that sort of scream. Damn it.
"I'll pay properly afterwards."
Putting aside the bean tea I haven't paid for the meal yet. However, I'll pay ten times more later. And just as I was about to run off to the stable my arm was grabbed. Shit.
"Isn't it Greed-kun? Hey now, you can't eat and run."
Knikniknikni it's the knight commander! Seriously...
"Ah, I'll properly pay later"I don't know how much of a hurry you're in but properly pay right now. If not then I won't be able to overlook this."
..Aaaaa, damn it.
"Yes...Here, the payment. I don't need change. Rather than bring my horse around, I'm in a hurry."
I said that while taking one silver coin from my wallet and handing it to the waiter. Not just the shitty expensive 800 z for the lunch set but I paid over ten times the cost including the bean tea.
"Greed-kun. What's wrong? It's not like you. If you're a noble you should maintain your composure better. Even if you're in that much of a hurry the training place won't run away. There's still some time left as well."
After coming to my senses and looking around and other than Baron Logan, there was Sub-Baron Bittwaz, and several members of the knight group who's names I don't know looking at me with surprised expressions...I guess it's no good...Even if I have them bring my horse around it will take some time. On the roads where there's a lot of pedestrian traffic in the capital if the carriage even takes one turn somewhere I'll lose sight of them in no time at all. Ah, if it was going to come to this I should have just left my horse here until I could come back and pay or paid right away and then run off while leaving my horse behind.
That I would get too excited and lose myself after finding someone who seemed to be a reincarnated person..I honestly don't think it's unreasonable though.
I scratch my head and in order to hide my embarrassment,
"I'm sorry for the disturbance. If I think carefully about it there's no need to hurry so much. I suddenly remembered that I had forgotten to go and pay the taxes so I couldn't help but panic a bit. I'm sorry for showing you something so unsightly. I'm really very sorry for causing you any trouble."
I said that while lowering my head.
"It's fine. It's fine as long as you pay the luxury tax within a month of the date on the proof of sale. There's nothing to worry about. However, even you get flustered over carrying such a large sum of money I see."
He said that while laughing. It's true I'm currently holding a large amount of money over 100,000,000 Z. It's embarrassing but it seems it would be best to let it slide as that. I lowered my head again and after getting on my horse that was finally brought out, just in case I went to where I saw the carriage just now. However, I guess it's only obvious but I wasn't able to find the carriage.
I don't know if they're a peddler or an adventurer but in any case it seems to be clear that there's a reincarnated person in Rombertia or patrolling around the area. In the worst case, if we setup a net around this area for a month we might be able to catch them. I'm sure Bel and Ralpha will cooperate with the search at that time.
I tottered along to the government office, paid the taxes, and then went towards the practice place near the riverside.
Starting with brother and sister, Zenom and the others were all already at the practice place. After I arrived late and they all started questioning me right away. I said I'd explain it at night but well I guess it can't be helped. Even older brother was surprised even though I already told him I was making deliveries of "Saya" to the royal family. Even if I say I'm making deliveries to the royal family you wouldn't normally that I was direct acquaintances with the royalty of high social standing.
It's not unreasonable. I managed to cover it up by saying that there was an opportunity I had to directly deliver rubber products to them. Since sister knew I had directly met them face to face when I repaired the water bed she didn't find it all that strange but it seems even then it was unexpected that all of the Queens knew about me. In addition I said that Yulu and Marin would be coming to observe as well.
Brother, sister, and I separate from everyone and start talking.
"Mill, the commander, sub-commander, and company commander was it.. What level of skill do they have? Also is it fine to use magic?"
Brother asked sister.
"They're all extremely strong. In regards to magic..I wonder. If we were to use magic we'll easily win and I've been forbidden from using magic in practice matches recently.."
Sister replies. Well I guess that's true. If it was a simple magic battle then I doubt there's very many people who could beat us. If she was to always use magic every time then it wouldn't be practice as well.
"Al, for the time being I'll confirm what we can do in regards to magic before we start but according to Mill's story it would probably be best to think we can't use magic. I don't know who each of us will face off against. However, don't get done in easily. Definitely stick to it. It depends on the details of the practice match but if we can take the match to a good point then in the end we lose by a thin margin before Mill in the practice match. Alright?"
Yeah. That's fine. If possible I want to do something that backs up sister.
"Yeah, I understand. Honestly, I don't know how far I can go against the faces of the first knight group but I'll hold on as long as I can. Sister, it's fine to use the spear right?"
After agreeing with brother's idea I grabbed the bayonet on my shoulder once again.
"It's fine but yours doesn't have a dull blade so it's no good. There's no way that spear would fit with a wooden sword right? Since it's not a match between us siblings there's no way we'd do it with real weapons you know? And since there's people who just got new armor today I don't think we'll use fake metal swords either."
There's wooden spears right, I'll do it with that."
I'm sure I can't use all of my techniques but there's no other choice than to make do with it.
"There's no wooden spear as short as the one you're using."
Oe~ I feel like I have no chance of winning... Even I feel like I can decently use the sword. I can even decently take on father and older brother. However, with the faces of the first knight expected that's impossible...
I can't use magic, my bayonet is no good, ah, trying to hold out like this, it's hell. Well at least my physical abilities have gone up thanks to leveling up so there's no other choice than to make do with that I guess...Ah, that's right.
"Wh..What if I leave the scabbard on my spear? Since it's an ebonite scabbard, if it's this"The inside is iron right...In the first place, her highness Queen Yulusufol and her highness Queen Marinen are going to be watching right? It's only obvious that something where there's a possibility of causing severe injury is impossible."
I was completely cut down. It can't be helped.
"Al, well give it your best. I wonder if you can survive as an adventurer in the dungeon while saying things are difficult without your spear? Don't say anything extravagant and just make do with what you have on hand. Even I don't think I'll be able to win so easily against opponents from the first knight group. But, there's other choice than to do it. Just think of it as a good opportunity and leave the advantage to them. On top of that just try to give it your best for Mill to appeal."
Brother closed things off by saying that. I returned to where Zenom and the others were with an exhausted and pale face and Ralpha called out to me.
"Al, give it your best. I'll be rooting for you."
Ah, just watch me get beaten half to death. But, I want to at least get one hit in.
"Al-san, give it your best. I'm cheering for you as well."
Bel, I'm grateful for your support but I'm about to have you get some practice with healing magic. Either way I doubt you'll end up using it but save your mana.
"Master, if it's master then I'm sure you can win even if the opponent is a true knight."
Zulu, you, are you treating a knight from the first knight group the same as the average knight because you're from Devas? If it was just that then I would have been able to relax.
"Master, it's alright, just use magic to weaken them like you always do."
Angela, it seems like I'm not allowed to use magic. I might not be able to show you my cool appearance.
"Al, if it's you then I think you can do pretty well even against the first knight group. Just swing your specialty spear around like you always do."
Zenom, I was told I'm not allowed to use my bayonet either. There's no other choice than to do it with the sword. Well I'm sure it's fine to use kicks and it's probably fine to kick up dirt to blind them as well. I'm not exactly a knight, and not even a normal soldier after all. I guess I can't do anything but show them the uncouth fighting style of an adventurer from an average family. My throwing needles are sealed though.
Ah, come to think of it I had something good. It's that which hasn't made an appearance in a while. If I don't use this and somehow manage to land a good hit, I won't look good. Around that time probably in part because of the afternoon training but people from the knight group gradually started to gather. From something like a shed built on the edge of the riverside wooden swords and spears were carried out and prepared.
I glance at that while inspecting my equipment. I adjust my protectors on various parts of my body, checking the elasticity and jumping to make sure nothing feels off. I took off everything in the D rings hanging off my waist that could get in the way like my flask and bags and become as light as possible.
I take my helmet out of my saddle bag and put it on then tighten the side of the chin guard. After seeing each of us siblings wearing the same design of helmet we grinned and laughed. Brother cracked his neck while jolting his arms and then grabbed the wooden sword for practice use. Sister swung both of her arms around in a circle once as well before taking out a wooden sword.
I keep opening and closing my hand to test my grip and then just the same grab a decent looking wooden sword and swing it once checking the balance. A short distance away from us sub-commander Bittwaz is being assisted by two squires in putting his full-plate armor on. Company commander Kendus is getting help with his splint-mail as well. Only commander Logan is wearing the same rubber protectors as us.
The commander walked over to us and said.
"Sorry but there's no using magic for today. Relax easy that there's lots of people who can heal you if you get injured. Ah, it's fine if Greed heals you as well. The first one to land two good hits wins. Also, since it seems that Greed-kun has no experience as a knight we won't do this on horseback. Is this fine?"
It's just as we predicted. Though I feel it's a bit late.
""I understand.""
Only sister responded like a soldier. It's only obvious though since she's active duty.
Now then, who is my opponent?
It's already like both my arms and legs are sealed off, I doubt I can win regardless of who the opponent is. If I can at the very least take on the strongest person then it will be of assistance to brother and sister. But, I'm sure all three of them are insanely strong, so there's much point to it.
I'll Identify them for now.
【Male/20/5/7402 ・ Human ・ Baron Logan Family Head ・ Duke Rombert Knight】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 40 Years Old】
【Level: 17】
【HP: 135(135) MP: 25(25)】
【Strength: 23】
【Speed: 23】
【Dexterity: 18】
【Endurance: 21】
【Special Ability: Earth Magic Lv. 2】
【Special Ability: Water Magic Lv. 3】
【Special Ability: Fire Magic Lv. 3】
【Special Ability: Wind Magic Lv. 3】
【Special Ability: Void Magic Lv. 4】
【Experience: 726253(810000)】
【Male/2/6/7405 ・ Human ・ Sub-Baron Bittwaz Family Head ・ Duke Rombert Knight】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 37 Years Old】
【Level: 17】
【HP: 140(140) MP: 15(15)】
【Strength: 23】
【Speed: 20】
【Dexterity: 20】
【Endurance: 24】
【Special Ability: Wind Magic Lv. 4】
【Special Ability: Void Magic Lv. 4】
【Experience: 687921(810000)】
【Male/17/6/7414 ・ Human ・ Viscount Kendus Family Head ・ Duke Rombert Knight】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 28 Years Old】
【Level: 14】
【HP: 138(138) MP: 16(16)】
【Strength: 23】
【Speed: 19】
【Dexterity: 18】
【Endurance: 23】
【Special Ability: Earth Magic Lv. 2】
【Special Ability: Water Magic Lv. 3】
【Special Ability: Wind Magic Lv. 2】
【Special Ability: Void Magic Lv. 3】
【Experience: 439160(450000)】
It's safe to say that all three of them are men of valor. If they didn't have magic then the true ability of all of them might not have been able that different..No, if you take into consideration training in the knight group and how well they can lead in live combat on the battlefield then the commander and sub-commander should be extraordinarily strong. Viscount Kendus level is lower than mine right now but his true ability is definitely above mine I'm sure.
Really it can't be helped. There's no other choice than to give it my best as far as I can go. I'm not losing in terms of the ability points of each ability. I need to try and make use of that as best as I can while holding out. Alright, everyone just watch. Since it's going to be like this I'll use every dirty trick and struggle like crazy. I'm sure the other side doesn't believe sisters words that I'm stronger than her as well. And it's true that I can compete with her in terms of technique but even I've killed countless monsters with the sword and spear. With even getting a scratch on me. I'm sure it's not as hopeless as that time I fought the Horned Bear one on one when I was small.
Like I'll let Bakuddo get looked down on, I'll show you good.
"Then, we'll fight. Let's do this with everyone fighting one at a time."
The commander said that. {Oh}....That was unexpected. I guess we should have expected it since we can get proper healing.
"We'll start as soon as her highness the Queens arrive, start warming your bodies up."
The sub-commander said that. Though it's a practice match let alone let alone metal plate-mail, it's my first time taking on an opponent wearing full plate-mail. Where in the world am I supposed to hit on that for the attack to be considered valid?
"Don't get too stiff. I'm looking forward to the true ability of the Black Eagle of Webdos."
The company commander said that and laughed. I'm sure something like me is just a bonus. But, I'll show you. You're probably the easiest one to take on.
Just like that as they tried talking to us to soften our feelings and then her highness the Queens arrived at the training field. Everyone kneeled down and took the post of a retainer.
"It's fine, raise your heads. Since the ones who said something unreasonable and came out was us, don't worry about it."
Yulu said that and smiled. Wait, both of them are wearing armor. It's only made up of plate-mail around the waist and then the rest looks like splint-mail. What's it called again. Well whatever. In any case that's some splendid armor. There's ornaments in each place and it looks expensive.
"Alright, everyone stand up. Let's get started, come with me."
The commander said that and started towards a round area on the training field. I guess we're doing it over there?
It seems that the first opponent from their side is company commander Kendus. Then I guess I'm the first one. I said to brother "I'm going first" and walked towards the training field. If I go first then I can pull out as many skills of the opponent as possible and then it'll be easier for brother...I'll do this!
【Male/14/2/7428 ・ Human ・ Viscount Greed Family Second Son】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 14 Years Old】
【Level: 15】
【HP: 134(134) MP: 7425(7431)】
【Strength: 21】
【Speed: 27】
【Dexterity: 20】
【Endurance: 22】
【Unique Ability: Identify (MAX)】
【Unique Ability: Gift of Natural Talent (Lv.8)】
【Special Ability: Earth Magic (Lv. 8)】
【Special Ability: Water Magic (Lv. 8)】
【Special Ability: Fire Magic (Lv. 8)】
【Special Ability: Wind Magic (Lv. 8)】
【Special Ability: Void Magic (Lv. 8)】
【Experience: 461085(560000)】
See? If you just look at the values of each ability I don't fall too far behind right? Recently I've been testing how different my Speed is after consciously dragging it out. I slowly walk in front of company commander Kendus and after facing him on guard with my wooden sword I bowed and said "I'm in your care!" and lowered my head. Then I was hit with a good one on the back of my head and when I was rolling around I was kicked and hit on the back with the wooden sword and lost. What in the world is that. Even though it's a wooden, if I hadn't had the helmet I would have died.
"Greed-kun, the moment you enter the training field the combat has started. There's no need to lower your head to the enemy. It's your loss."
The second company commander Balkisas who was acting as referee said that. As expected I was about to complain but brother and sister were making some bitter faces so I gave up. Shit. Are you serious? I'm too afraid to look at Zenom and the others. I'm sure Ralpha is making fun of me. It seems that it's the rules of this practice match for the one who lost the one on one to remain. I didn't take any sort of injury that needed healing so we just continued like this. Even when it comes healing with magic unless we take on an injury where the pain won't disappear that easily, beat the enemy, or win it seems we can't leave the training field.
It seems that next up is the sub-commander. This time I'll take him on no matter what I have to do. I prepare myself once again and went on guard. Wearing some heavy full plate-mail armor and holding a kite shield that's one size larger than normal, while standing on guard with a wooden sword in the form of a long sword the sub-commander has no openings. This time I need to make use of my Speed and make sport of him wearing the heavy plate-mail, I'll aim to land attacks from his blind-spots.
The sub-commander is gradually shuffling closer.
The cold wind of December blows across the surface of the dirt on the training ground.
I hold my wooden sword with both hands at the eye and shuffle the same way towards the left side. I don't want to let him use the shield and if he's going to swing the sword with just his right arm then it should be more difficult to swing if I'm position to the right from the opponents side. The distance between us gradually get closer.
Just a bit more.
And in the next moment the sub-commander stepped in at a speed that exceed my expectations. It's the average speed of a squire wearing rubber armor in Bakuddo. He's fast!
Along with a yell he swings his sword diagonally across where my right shoulder is as he steps in and I wonder if he really feels any weight from his full plate-mail?
It was only a brief moment that I thought that, I threw my body to the right side diving under the swing of his sword and somehow managed to succeed in evading the first attack, I went to stab into the sub-commander's chest from the right but I was blocked by the shield and the tip of my sword was futilely parried to the left.
However, just like in the direction looking from my left I continued making use of the momentum moving to the left and as if revolving my left arm around to back as I dropped my waist I did a round kick into the sub-commanders left knee. It's a combination of "bare handed fighting", "bayonet fighting" and "dagger fighting", the "joint kick".
The heel of my boots hardened with ebonite fall into the bottom edge of his open left knee was I rotate around.
I was able to scratch the edge of the armor covering the sub-commanders left knee with my left heel.
If I can just keep swinging my leg like this it's my aim to cause his posture to collapse.
However, of all things, even though it's true I was able to hit the edge of his armor on his left knee with my heel while making use of the centrifugal force but he isn't budging at all. I guess that means unless I can definitely land the hit in the gap between his left thighs and the muscle between the back of his knees since everything else is covered in full plate-mail I can't bend his knees in a strange direction.
I immediately curling my arm and rolled to the right ahead of me. Just before that his shield was swung down where my left leg had been stretched out and stabbed into the ground. Th..That was dangerous...
After making use of the force I rolled off with to stand up I hold the wooden sword in my right hand while swinging it to right to revolve around and face the sub-commander. During that time the sub-commander pulled his shield out of the ground and finished changing directions.
We've basically returned to our original condition with just positions changed. As expected of the sub-commander of the first knight group, he carries his body splendidly. If we were to do things properly there's no way I have any chance of winning.
This time I want to take the initiative. No matter how good he carries his body or how fast he is, he's still wearing heavy armor. He can't move as fast as me. I need to calmly mix in some feints while evading him and make use of my speed to find a chance of winning.
I grasp the wooden sword in my right hand and in order to maintain my balance I stretched out my left arm to the left while putting my weight on to my right leg and pushed off.
This time I charge into the right direction where the shield is on guard. The sub-commander puts out his shield in order to react to me. Now! I lowered my waist in order to hide behind the shield and charged in just like that but my left arm shouldn't be visible from behind the shield. I put my left hand around the right surface side of the shield and pulled it to the left with all of my strength. If it goes well then it should shift the sub-commanders shield from the left side to the front of his body. Simultaneously I'm sure he wouldn't be able to swing the wooden sword he's holding in his right hand well.
I thought that but. The moment I grabbed his shield with my left hand he must have noticed that. Without resisting the movements of my left hand the sub-commander turned around in the right direction making use of the centrifugal force to swing the sword in his right hand a send me flying.
If it goes like this with less resistance than I thought along  with the momentum of the light sensation the left shoulder of my body will open up. But, this is fine. It's a bit different than planned but it's a movement I've done a lot in the past. I stand the sword I'm holding in my right hand up and after pulling it towards my body I stuck out my elbow and hit the sub-commander in the back with it.
Though he's even covered in full plate-mail armor on his back, there's no way he could endure being elbowed in the back without his posture collapsing.
My elbow cleanly hit his back and having his turning stopped the sub-commander tripped. This time I made use of that gap to land the ideal joint kick into the back right knee of the sub-commander and this time he easily collapsed. From behind I grabbed the ornaments on his helmet with my left hand and dragged him downwards while slamming my right knee into the back of his head.
In reality that should cause a concussion. However, as expected the helmet of full plate-mail armor is sturdy. Or maybe he has cushions inside of the gaps of the back of his head? Of course there's some damage but even after falling to the ground from his back the sub-commander was moving while groaning. However, he can't do anything more. I hold my sword to the sub-commanders head as he's face up at my feet looking over here.
"It's Greed-kun's victory!"
The referee declared that. Since I knocked the opponent down face up and held his head down. Let alone one hit I could hit as many times as I want. That's why it was my victory. Oooo! I won! I won against the sub-commander! I clench both of my fists while leaving the training field. Brother was standing on the side of the training field. I was proud. Brother said in a low voice "You did well. Next is me. Just watch." and grinned with a smile as he changed places with me and stepped foot into the training field.
【Male/21/1/7422 ・ Human ・ Viscount Greed Family Eldest Son ・ Marquis Webdos Knight】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 20 Years Old】
【Level: 8】
【HP: 94(94) MP: 339(339)】
【Strength: 15】
【Speed: 16】
【Dexterity: 12】
【Endurance: 14】
【Special Ability: Earth Magic (Lv. 6)】
【Special Ability: Water Magic (Lv. 6)】
【Special Ability: Void Magic (Lv. 6)】
【Experience: 74969(80000)】
It looks like an unfavorable comparison but that's not the case at all. Other than the experience points the details of his stats haven't changed at all since I left the house in the spring. However, in a mere 9 months he's earned 9,000 experience.
He must have practiced quite a bit or patrolled around quite vigorously.
Brother is standing on guard with his wooden sword while waiting for the sub-commander stand up. I thought that he might not be able to stand up on his own in the full plate-mail armor but that wasn't the case. After rolling over with his face to the ground he lifted his upper body like doing push-ups and at the same time stood on his knees, then while holding his shield and wooden sword he lifted his upper body to stand on one leg before standing up.
Well if he couldn't get up himself or if my knee caused a concussion then if he were to fall from his horse and fall unconscious from just that he'd easily die. And I noticed it up close and actually felt it when I tried hitting him but that seems quite heavy but it's distributed to the entire body so you can move quite nimbly.
Just like that brother is going to take him on it seems. I'm sure he was confused over my abnormal fighting style that isn't normal swordsmanship but brother uses normal swordsmanship. If he thinks it's the same thing as me then even though he's wearing full plate-mail armor he'll get injured.
I stuck my wooden sword into the ground like sister and with my hand on that I watched over brother and the sub-commanders practice match.
The sub-commander is standing on guard with his shield the same way as he did against me. Brother is holding the wooden sword in right hand and has his left hand just lightly matched up with that.
Brother challenged him first. He swings the sword down from above with a yell and the lightning like speed inherited from father. After the sub-commander parries that with his shield and this time he swings his wooden sword in his right hand down from above as well.
It seems he received it with the simple shield on his lower left arm. There's four iron rods with a diameter of 1 cm inside of it. I'm sure it hurts but the bone won't break and it probably won't even go numb. As proof of that at the same time as he received the sub-commanders wooden sword he swung his arm to the outside and shifted the trajectory of the wooden sword with his body.
At the same time as that brother jumped off to the rear and after quickly holding his wooden sword in both hands horizontally he charged in with a thrust. This time his left hand is on the handle and he's got his left waist put behind the wooden sword. The right hand is just being held over it.
The sub-command immediately dealt with that by trying to parry the trajectory of the sword aiming at his abdomen with the wooden sword in his right hand while swinging the shield in his left hand into brother. I guess brother predicted that.
He stretched out the right hand that was just hovering over the wooden sword and easily matched it with the shield the sub-commander was swinging then lifted it up just like that. And then after diving under the shield he cut into the sub-commanders body with the wooden sword in his left hand and pass by from the right side.
Gon, there was a dull sound but it's clearly enough to be judged as valid. The referee company commander Balukisas raises his left hand. However, he's still only earned just one hit. The practice match continues. After that he continued like a master of both his hands while quickly switching between the left and right sides of the sub-commander almost one-sidedly repeating attacks but none of them were enough to be considered valid.
They've already continued that state for close to a minute. I'm sure even brother is starting to get started. If he doesn't decide it soon it'll be bad. When he he has practice matches with me as well, if I go on the defensive and manage to get brother caught up in that I've won by waiting for him to run out of stamina.
Brother charged into the sub-commander while preparing to swing his sword diagonally from the top of the right. Aa!! That's bad! And I saw him swing the wooden sword down into the shield as he charged in but it seems that brother was aiming for that. He didn't hit the wooden sword against the shield but rather shifted the angle and after lowering it with his left hand he just went around the shield from the bottom like that and with a movement like it was crawling across the ground slowly lifted it upwards thrusting it into the sub-commanders right thigh.
Ever since the first thrust where he aimed for the abdomen every attack since then as been a swing diagonally from above or across the center. I'm sure the sub-commander was bewildered by the first attack he showed from below. In any case older brother's swing from below landed cleanly.
"Lord Greed's victory!"
Brother returned with a grin on his face. "No, as expected of him. It's almost a coincidence that was I was able to win. If we had the same armor I'm sure I would have lost." is what he said while breathing with his shoulders but a win is a win. I lost my first match (not that I think that way though), but each of us siblings have scored one win each off the sub-commander of the first knight group!
Now, this time it's sister's turn.
【Female/2/2/7424 ・ Human ・ Viscount Greed Family Eldest Daughter ・ Duke Rombert Knight】
【Status: Normal】
【Age: 18 Years Old】
【Level: 8】
【HP: 82(82) MP: 866(866)】
【Strength: 14】
【Speed: 15】
【Dexterity: 14】
【Endurance: 11】
【Special Ability: Earth Magic (Lv. 6)】
【Special Ability: Water Magic (Lv. 6)】
【Special Ability: Fire Magic (Lv. 6)】
【Special Ability: Void Magic (Lv. 7)】
【Experience: 66241(80000)】
Now then, it's my first time seeing sister's sword since her holiday at the start of this year when she returned to the house, it's almost been a full year. I wonder what being trained with the sword by the first knight group has done for her?
After entering the training field with her sword at the ready sister stood on guard with her waist lowered and the buckler shield attached to her left arm held out.
She didn't match up to brother but she's clearly gotten better since the start of the year while showing quick movements and swinging the wooden sword with her right hand, she was fighting on even terms with the sub-commander. He moves quite fast for the heavy armor he's wearing but he's completely on the defense against sisters movements which are faster than that. However, it doesn't seem like she's evading him as well brother did. Neither of them have been able to land a valid hit yet but...
The sharpness in the sisters movements has started to decrease. It seems that the sub-commander is reasonably exhausted as well and his speed has dropped but it's not to the degree of sister.
Shit..give it your best!
Aaa...The sub-commanders shield smash cleanly landed. After her stance collapsed and she fell to one knee the sword was swung down from above like the rain. She manages to parry those with the buckler shield on her left arm and the wooden sword in her right as she somehow managed to recover her stance, but when she tried to stand up a good one finally landed on her right shoulder.
The referred raised his right hand.
However, the practice match is still going on. Hold out. It's time to reverse it from here!
She took on the sub-commanders wooden sword while rolling to the left. If she makes use of that momentum to earn some distance she should be able to stand. However, it seems she used up quite a bit of stamina on the sub-commanders fierce attack, her sharpness has dropped quite a bit.
It seems that the sub-commander is considerably tired as well but not as much as sister. He has such an endless amount of stamina that you wouldn't think this was his third match after me. However, sister isn't losing either. It's true her stamina has fallen and her movements aren't as sharp but thanks to that she's returned to the basics and her technique has become more thorough.
I almost let out my voice but I need to be patient here. I clenched my fist and cheered just inside of my heart.
However, I guess holding out for several minutes gave her the opening she needed, the movements of the sub-commander have clearly lost their sharpness. No matter how you think about if he's moving that much in such a heavy suit of armor he'll eventually get tired, isn't he surrounded by sweat and hot air in there? I thought he had an endless amount of stamina but after all there's a limit. Now is the chance to trifle with him making use of speed like the start. I'm sure if it's like this something can be done.
After kicking off the ground with her left foot sister aimed an attack down diagonally from the right while moving in an instant. I'm sure if it's this timing he won't be able to block it with his shield. You can take one hit!
However, the sub-commander forcibly twisted the right arm that he had his wooden sword in and thrust it towards sister.
Sisters wooden sword as swinging down towards the left collarbone of the sub-commander but at the same time the sub-commanders thrust is aimed towards her left thigh!
Sister twisted her body in mid-air with the wooden sword still in her hand and rolled just like that almost as if she predicted that from the sub-commanders stance. After standing up right away she moved around to the sub-commanders right side and landed another hit.
"Lord Greed's victory!"
Company commander Balukisas declared while raising his left hand.
Alright! We all won against the sub-commander! I reflexively made triumphant pose with just my left hand. Oh~ that's disgraceful in front of the Queens. However, I'm sure no one is looking at me. A commotion takes over the training field. Eh? It was the first time sister won against the sub-commander? I see, that's great. I'm sure you're happy.
The sub-commander lost to sister as well but with this the opponent has been beat so we switch.
..And, I guess it's me. Alright! I'm going to give it my best and win again!
I held out for close to five minutes but the commander was strong. I tried taking him on with all of my effort but while the commander was using rubber protectors he moved at a speed beyond father as he made light of me. There wasn't even enough of an opening to land some foot techniques. I was forced completely on the defensive from the wooden sword that seemed to come from every direction and when I thought "ah" I was cut and one hit was taken. After holding out even more there was nothing I could do. If I tried to find an opening and kick up some dirt to blind him but he predicted it and without even a chance to use my last resort I took on consecutive attacks and unable to evade them in the end I lost.
Since I've taken on all three of them with this it seems I switch out. I made a pathetic face towards sister but she just nodded to me. When I returned with my shoulders drooped down and brother said "You did well giving it your best. It was splendid that you didn't give up to the end...Just watch." to me. Sister just watched brothers back like that with a serious expression.
Ah, I see. For sister this isn't entertainment but training. I might have something I can gain from the commander and brother's practice match as well. I can't overlook it.

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