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On my second to last day in Kyoto! Next up is Osaka~ Eating a ridiculous amount of food every day BUT also walking an average of 8 miles/day so praying I don’t gain any weight…

Translator: Diana

Chapter 61: Evil Dog Torturing Pair's Entire Valentine's Day

After Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng's Weibo accounts were both silent for several days, the popularity of the term Evil Dog Torturing Pair finally diminished slowly.

Sadly, those verified policemen Weibo accounts were still following her.

It looked like they were still being monitored.

On February 14th, Ding Meng went to Starlight General Merchandise as planned to attend the advertising company's publicity event.

Since today was Valentine's Day, the streets were pretty much filled with pairs of sweethearts.

The event was very lively. Even though Ding Meng finished singing the two songs at the very beginning, she stayed behind to hand out awards to the winning couples.

Two of Ding Meng's fans snuck into the registration booth while holding discs for her single I'm Here which was released last year. The staff member in charge of registration looked up at them and raised an eyebrow "Quite a few of Ding Meng's fans snuck in to participate in the game earlier, but at least they found a partner of the opposite sex. Isn't it a bit lacking in sincerity for the two of you girls to sign up together?"

When the two girls heard that, they embraced one another immediately, "This event actually discriminates against homosexuality?"

Staff member: "…"


After the two girls passed registration, they entered the backstage area happily.

Ding Meng sat on the judges panel nearby. One of the girls secretly took a picture of her and then yelled excitedly, "Lemon Leader, Lemon Leader! We are Little Lemons!"

When Ding Meng turned around to take a look, she smiled and waved at them.

Perhaps it was because Ding Meng's smile had inspired them, but the two delicate looking girls unexpectedly surmounted all difficulties and defeated all the other couples to win first place within their group with ease.

When it was time be awarded the chocolate, the girl's hands trembled, "Lemon Leader, OMG, you're so close! Your lashes are so long!"

Ding Meng, "…"

The other girl handed over two discs in her hands, and even considerately added a pen, "Lemon Leader, can we have your autograph?! We weren't able to get tickets to the last fan meet and we've regretted it so much!"

Even though this wasn't one of Ding Meng's fan meets, she quickly autographed her name for the two Little Lemons.

"Thank you!" After the two of them received the signed discs, they didn't forget to ask, "Lemon Leader, why hasn't there been any dog torturing on Weibo lately? We've missed it!"

Ding Meng, "…"

Oh no, were all her fans extreme M's…

T/N: M = masochist

The host punctually asked the two girls to leave so that the next group of competitions could begin.

The two girls were extremely happy after obtaining both Ding Meng's personal autograph and the Valentine's Day limited chocolate set. While leaving the event's stage tent, they briefly walked past a tall man.

"Wow, that guys is hot." The girl on the right stopped in her tracks and turned around to look.

The girls next to her nodded, "Even the view of his back is so handsome." She paused, then looked over at her companion, "Why do I get the feeling that he resembles Qiao dada?"

"Lemon Leader's husband?" Her companion raised her brows and shook her head, "He shouldn't be. Lemon Leader is attending the event. Unless he's here to publicly display their affections at the event?!"

As soon as this idea was brought up, the eyes of the two girls shined brightly.

The two girls sneakily followed the man that they had just passed, expecting him to go to the event. However, he actually went straight downstairs.

"Downstairs is the Dessert Holy Land. He probably came to eat desserts."

"That's possible. Great Qiao probably wouldn't be be crazy enough to run over to the event to profess his love."

After the two girls finished speaking with some disappointment, they bounced off arm in arm.

However, that handsome backside just now actually did belong to Great Producer Qiao.

Since today was Valentine's Day, he had made plans to eat dinner with Ding Meng. But when he came over after work, Ding Meng's event hadn't ended yet.

Qiao Yichen waited by himself in the car for a bit before getting out.

He remembered that Yu Shi had opened a Dessert Holy Land below Starlight General Merchandise. Although it had only been open for a short period of time, business had been booming.

In any case, he had extra time to waste. He might as well go get something for Ding Meng to eat. Besides, feeding his wife was something that he had been doing since junior high.

However, he regretted his decision a bit as soon as he reached the Dessert Holy Land.

The scene could have been described as a mountain or sea of people.

The central dining area and the entrances to each of the dessert shops were all jam-packed with people.

The number of people on Valentine's Day was truly different.

He had a gold membership card with Yu Shi Restaurant, but he wasn't sure whether or not he could use it to cut the line…

When he thought about how casually cutting in line could potentially land a person on the next day's Weibo headlines, he gave up on the idea and lined up honestly along with everyone else.

Even though there were lines coming out of every dessert shop, the cakes and pastries had all been made in advance. There wouldn't be any more of an item once it sold out so the lines still moved quickly.

Qiao Yichen bought a few gourmet pastries at the French and Japanese shops and left quickly with the items packaged in a beautiful box.

After he waited in the car for a while longer, Ding Meng hurried over.

"Goudan, did you wait long?" Ding Meng got into the car and took off her hat and scarf. Qiao Yichen smiled and rubbed her head, "Not that long. I went to buy a few things."

He lifted up the box that he had placed in the car.

"Wow, was this bought from the Dessert Holy Land?!" Ding Meng's eyes suddenly lit up as if there were stars in her eyes. "I wanted to get some desserts earlier, but there were too many people, and I didn't dare go by myself. Always asking the assistant to go line up didn't seem right either…"

Qiao Yichen laughed out loud, "If you didn't let the assistant work, then she wouldn't have a job." He turned around and started the car before adding, "But you can let me know if want to eat something in future. I'm always willing to be at your service."

The car left the Starlight General Merchandise parking lot with Ding Meng sitting in the passenger seat. She couldn't resist any longer so she picked up a cream puff and began eating, "Mmm, this custard cream is so awesome. The cream puff is so fluffy, and the taste is too good! She happily looked over at Qiao Yichen, "Do you want to try a bite? It's really good."

Qiao Yichen replied, "I need to drive. I'll wait to try it."

Ding Meng blinked a few times, "There might not be any left later."

Qiao Yichen laughed lightly, "If you become full now, you won't have an appetite for the big meal later."

Ding Meng felt that what he said made sense so she carefully put the dessert back in the box and resealed it.

Qiao Yichen's car stopped in front of MOON LOVER.

MOON LOVER was also a popular Valentine's Day spot. Thanks to his gold card, Qiao Yichen was able to reserve a table with relative ease.

The atmosphere inside the dining room was very romantic and the rose and chocolate arrangements caused sweetness to silently permeate throughout the air.

This was actually Ding Meng's first time eating at this restaurant. That was because this restaurant was too discriminatory towards single dogs. Although she had been rather curious, she had concealed her curiosity well.

Since there was a pre-fixe menu for Valentine's Day, Ding Meng ordered it directly to save some trouble. Qiao Yichen didn't continue looking at the menu either and ordered the pre-fixe menu as well.

The food from the lovers pre-fixe menu wasn't very different from typical Western-style food. The only difference was that the steak had been made into a heart shape. However, the complimentary chocolate cake that the server gave them still tasted really great.

After eating dinner, the two didn't go to other places to be romantic. Instead, they drove straight home.

Ding Meng picked up a heart-shaped mini macaron and held it next to Qiao Yichen's mouth, "Goudan, this is matcha flavored. It's the only one left."

Qiao Yichen opened his mouth and took a bite of the macaron before laughing and starting the car.

After they arrived home, Qiao Yichen announced in all seriousness that because today was Valentine's Day, training would also have to be limited to Valentine's Day themed training.

Ding Meng, "…"

She didn't want to know at all what kind of training Valentine's Day themed training would be.

Very quickly, Qiao Yichen used his actions to tell her.

After Ding Meng had been played with to the brink of exhaustion, she had no other choice but to try to get Qiao Yichen's sympathy, "Goudan, I still have to record songs tomorrow…"

Her voice was nearly gone!

However, Qiao Yichen was currently very enthusiastic and didn't want to stop at all. He bit Ding Meng's lower lip and spoke hoarsely, "Call me Husband and I'll let you off."

Ding Meng obediently called out to him, "Husband…"

Qiao Yichen's pupil's darkened and he began to put even more energy into his movements.

Ding Meng, "…"

What the hell! This wasn't what they had agreed upon!

In short, it was unknown if she would even be able sing tomorrow after tonight. Meanwhile, Celebrity Secrets had published a blog article called "Breaking news! The Evil Dog Torturing Pair's Entire Valentine's Day!" which had already swept across all of Weibo.

"At 6:30 AM, I lay in wait below Qiao Yichen and Ding Meng's love nest. I had made plans to pass this very long day with my coworker and my beloved camera. At 7:40, Qiao Yichen's car drove out and Ding Meng sat in the passenger seat. The two went directly to their company. [picture]

They spent the entire morning at the company. It wasn't until 1:30 PM that Ding Meng rode in her assistant's car to go to an event held by Starlight General Merchandise. [picture]

I was smart enough to refrain from following her. Instead, I continued to lay in wait below Guangchen. *doge* At 4:30, Qiao Yichen drove out [picture]

That's right, you guys did not guess incorrectly. He left to take his wife out for dinner

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