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Translator: Diana

Chapter 60: Evil Dog Torturing Pair

After that Weibo message was posted, the fans immediately exploded.

"This couple… I've been living for too long *crying laugh*"

"*candle* Stay strong Lemon Leader."

"If you have the ability to torture dogs, then you also have the ability to reveal the details of the punishment! *crying laugh*"

"You guys are too perverted. Qiao dada was definitely referring to ordinary punishment methods *hehe*"

"I'm not afraid of getting tortured. Please go ahead. I won't beg for a video, but can you upload an after picture? *shy*"

"Upload picture +1. At least let us know if Lemon Leader is still alive *crying laugh*"

"I've already called the police. I wonder how many years they'll get for torturing dogs on such a large scale? @DepartmentOfPublicSafetyOnline"

"I'm from the gas station. Who called just now to order gas? It has already been prepared."

"For some indescribable reason, my face is actually getting red and my heart is beating faster. This Weibo post is poisonous *doge*"

"I want to ask what kind of ♂ tools were used to put her in order? And also if Lemon Leader is alright? (*/ω\*)"

After Qiao Yichen finished appreciating the fan comments, he had originally planned to turn off the phone and go to sleep. However, right before he logged out of Weibo, he noticed that Gu Xin had reposted his Weibo message and even added a one word comment.


This Weibo message had only been posted five minutes ago, but it had already gotten over three thousand likes.

Qiao Yichen paused for a moment, laughing while looking at the screen. This was already enough to be considered a beast? He could be even more of a beast.

Ding Meng was sound asleep at that moment. Qiao Yichen walked next to the bedside and arranged the hair on her face. Then, he found an aesthetically pleasing angle, lifted up his phone, and leaned over to kiss her cheek gently.

After pressing the shutter button, he picked up the phone to take a look. Even though this was his first selfie, the result was still pretty good. He used Weibo's built in filters to spruce it up a bit and then proceeded to upload it onto Weibo.

QiaoYichen (V): Goodnight. [picture]

All the fans, "………………"

Probably because this Weibo post was too formidable, for a moment, even the anti-fans were at a loss about what to criticize.

After a second of silent mutual understanding, the comments rose up like a tide.

"#EvilDogTorturingPair# I'm not buying your album anymore because I need to recuperate behind closed doors. *bye*"

"I've never seen such crazy and ridiculous people. I just hope that the police can quickly arrest them and bring them to justice. #EvilDogTorturingPair#

"At this rate, the paparazzi are going to be forced to their deaths *crying laugh* What are they going to do if you guys reveal everything yourselves? *crying laugh*"

"#EvilDogTorturingPair# Those who flirt publically separate quickly. *crying laugh* I'm just this evil. Looking forward to seeing the two of you air your divorce papers tomorrow *bye*"

"I'm a single dog who is stuck in the middle of this bloodbath. Begging everyone to help me call an ambulance, thanks. #EvilDogTorturingPair#"

"You guys, look closely. There are little strawberries on Lemon Leader's neck *doge* Don't thank me. My name is Lei Feng."

T/N: Lei Feng was a model of altruism and dedication to the Party by propaganda from 1963 onwards.

"#EvilDogTorturingPair# Judging by how deeply Lemon Leader is sleeping, you can tell just how fiercely she was put in order earlier *cool*"

"#EvilDogTorturingPair# I just want to know why such a perverted Weibo post hasn't been deleted yet @InappropriatePostReportCenter"

"Can Ding Meng do something besides using this to generate publicity? Nauseating."

"Some anti-fans are really low. They browsed their way to Qiao Yichen's Weibo themselves, yet they're accusing him of nauseating them *bye*"

"Why didn't you guys feel nauseated when their relationship was exposed? Now that they no longer have to hide their relationship and are spending their days sharing their happiness openly, you guys are accusing them of being nauseating *doge*,

"#EvilDogTorturingPair# speak up, when is the banquet? I'll bring all the brothers to crash the wedding."

"Good night Qiao dada. As if I'd believe that you two are an #EvilDogTorturingPair#, xoxo!"

"All the Little Lemon divisions around the whole nation send their congratulations, wishing that the #EvilDogTorturingPair# can give birth to a son soon. Ah! Accidentally called you two the #EvilDogTorturingPair#, so sorry! I didn't mean to call you guys the #EvilDogTorturingPair#, but somehow #EvilDogTorturingPair# came out. I genuinely don't believe that you two are a #EvilDogTorturingPair#. Those who say that you two are a #EvilDogTorturingPair# are the true #EvilDogTorturingPair#!"

"I like seeing #EvilDogTorturingPair#'s flirt publically. Can the anti-fans please leave on their own accords?"

Since Qiao Yichen went to bed immediately after his post, he didn't see the that the hashtag #EvilDogTorturingPair# had rocketed up to the top of the trending topic chart.

The next day, Ding Meng yawned repeatedly throughout the car ride while perusing Weibo on her phone. The hashtag #EvilDogTorturingPair# was still the most trending topic, and it seemed as if no one would be able to top it.

Ding Meng looked at it with curiosity and thought, what does #EvilDogTorturingPair# mean? She had only heard of a "Formidable Polar Opposite Pair" before.

T/N: "Formidable Polar Opposite Pair" (黑白雙煞) is a modern play on an old phrase (黑白無常) . The latter refers to two Daoist deities who are opposite in appearance (one tall, one short, one in white, one in black) and are responsible for rewarding the good and punishing the bad after death. The modern spin is used to refer to a strong duo.

After she clicked on the hashtag, she was nearly drowned by the flood of earth-shattering Weibo posts.

Many fans had already turned the good night picture posted by Qiao Yichen into their profile pictures. For a moment there, she thought that she had come across a newly established evil cult.

But this wasn't even the main point. The crucial point was the photo itself. It captured her sound asleep, illuminated by a soft light, and Qiao Yichen kissing her affectionately.

From this angle, both of their silhouettes were very smooth and beautiful, and their eyelashes appeared long and curved. Her long black hair was scattered decoratively over the white pillows and sheets, and the color of the filter matched the picture really well.

It was a perfect implementation of what she had referred to as an aesthetic public display of affection.

…How could Qiao Goudan be so shameless?!

She turned her head around fiercely to glare at Qiao Yichen who was currently driving, "When did you take this sort of photo? You were even shameless enough to post this on Weibo!"

Qiao Yichen turned his head to take a quick glance at her and grinned, "Scroll up, I also posted something before that."

Ding Meng's chest tightened up. My god, had Goudan done something even more shameless? She quickly scrolled up to find Qiao Yichen's earlier post.

QiaoYichen (V): Everyone can rest assured. I have already put the wife in order. She won't dare to randomly post things again in the future.

Ding Meng, "…"

"Qiao Yichen, I want a divorce!!!" Ding Meng's face flushed red. How would she be able to face people in the future if he posted messages like that on Weibo?!

Qiao Yichen's ears were shocked by her high pitched shriek, but he continued to smile lightly, "I think that your vocal range has increased. It shouldn't be a problem if I add some dolphin pitched notes into Thank You, right?"

Ding Meng, "…"

Who the hell is talking to you about the song?! Didn't you hear part about getting a divorce?!

At this time, a number of roadside stall vendors looked at each other for reassurance, "I think I just heard someone say 'Qiao Yichen, I want a divorce'."

"Yup… I heard that too. Qiao Yichen is one part of that Evil Dog Torturing Pair that has recently become really famous, right?

"Ah… should we report this to the police?"

"They seem to have gone far away."

"What a pity. I wonder how big the reward would be for capturing them."

"It should be quite a bit. My daughter said that the number of dogs that the Evil Dog Torturing Pair has tortured is shocking. It's a big case of seldom seen proportions."

After arriving at the company, Ding Meng pulled the hoodie of her down-filled jacket over her head and purposefully put on a pair of big sunglasses. She had just bought them and they looked similar to Mo Zhen's pair.

Qiao Yichen locked the car and walked into the elevator with her, "What's the point of doing that? Everyone knows who you are when you walk next to me"

Ding Meng, "…"

Then why don't you get out!

The elevator stopped on the floor of Ding Meng's lounge. Qiao Yichen's office was actually upstairs, but he shamelessly followed Ding Meng out of the elevator.

Ding Meng glared at him. She was just about to yell at him to get back into the elevator, but two workers appeared and were walking in their direction. Ding Meng immediately buried her head deeper.

When the two workers walked past them, they sized up Ding Meng a couple times before giggling and whispering to each other.

Ding Meng, "…"

Even though she didn't hear what they were saying, she knew that they were definitely talking about her!

She quickened her pace to the lounge. Qiao Yichen continued to follow her shamelessly.

After Ding Meng took off her jacket and sunglasses, she walked over to the couch and sat down, "It's all your fault! Now I've become a laughing stock!"

Qiao Yichen leaned against the table and laughed at her, "When you posted my math exam score online, did you not consider that I would also become a laughing stock?"

Ding Meng stood up indignantly, "How is that the same?! You deserved to get laughed at! Who told you to score only 73 points! Meanwhile, the only reason why I'm getting laughed at is because of your shamelessness!"

Qiao Yichen's eyes flickered. He walked up to her and wrapped his arm around her waist, "Do you believe that I can be even more shameless?"

Ding Meng, "…"

She believed.

She pushed Qiao Yichen away from her. Fuming, she picked up her cellphone and sat on the couch again to write a Weibo post.

DingMeng_LemonLeader (V): I woke up this morning and noticed that there were several verified policemen accounts following me… It really wasn't me! QAQ @QiaoYichen ← this person did everything on his own QAQ

This post recieved enthusiastic replies from fans immediately after it was published.

"Hahahahahahahaha dying of laughter, go ahead and continue torturing dogs!"

"Giving the policemen uncles some support 233333"

"You two are already being monitored. Action will be taken anytime now *cool*"

"Why do I feel like they're still torturing dogs *bye*"

"#EvilDogTorturingPair# your days of savagery are numbered hahahahaha! It's time for I, our galaxy's Torturing Dog Prince, to step on stage!"

"Surprisingly, Lemon Leader was still able to get out of bed today *shock* Looks like Qiao dada didn't put her in order hard enough last night~"

"Lemon Leader, you've pushed all of the blame onto your husband. Be careful, he might take revenge again tonight :)"

Ding Meng was still in the midle of looking through the comments when someone rang the doorbell to the lounge. Qiao Yichen walked over to open the door. The person outside blanked out for a moment upon seeing Qiao Yichen. Then, the person suddenly flashed a knowing smile and said, "Manager Jiang wants the two of you two head to her office."

After Ding Meng put on her jacket and sunglasses again, she walked out with Qiao Yichen.

Jiang Man was facing the computer, entering something on the keyboard at a furious pace. When she noticed the two of them enter, she halted her movements.

She glanced at Ding Meng and asked, "What are you wearing?"

"Um…." Ding Meng took off her big sunglasses, "I'm staying warm."

Jiang Man, "…"

She pursed her lips without any intention of pursuing that topic any further, "I've seen your posts on Weibo from the past few days. I know that I said that you two could display your affections publically, but…" You guys didn't have to show it in such a crazy manner.

She sighed lightly and continued, "But continuing on like this will wear everyone out. Therefore, you guys can stop displaying your affections publically for now. Instead, post some pictures about your everyday worklife or even pictures of yourselves, individually."

She emphasized the word 'individually'.

Ding Meng couldn't have agreed more, "I also feel that it's not a good idea to continue PDA-ing like this. Some people are already accusing me of using this to promote myself. However, even if I don't post anything, that doesn't guarantee that others won't."

Her eyes landed on Qiao Yichen who was standing at the edge of her peripheral field. Jiang Man also looked over in passing.

Qiao Yichen laughed, "As long as she doesn't post anymore nonsense, I'm not one to use Weibo regularly."

"Ok, then it's settled." Jiang Man ended the discussion and switched the topic to discuss work matters with Ding Meng, "It'll be Valentine's Day in a few days. The chocolate brand that you represented previously is holding an event on Valentine's Day. They need you to make an appearance and you might have to sing a song or two."

Ding Meng nodded, "Ok, sounds good to me."

"I will notify you of the time and place later. If there is nothing else, you may both leave." Just seeing the two of them standing next to one another made her feel like pink bubbles were filling the air.

She really didn't understand how the sound technician who worked in the same recording booth as them had managed to survive.

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