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Chapter 59: Goudan's fierce retaliation.

Just like that, the small splash caused by the plastic surgery scandal gradually settled down.

However, many fans filled with righteous indignation came to complain on their Weibo pages that the scandal had only occurred because of how publicly they were flirting.

While Ding Meng didn't pay much attention to this, Qiao Yichen seemed to have caught onto something. Was it possible that the person who had released Ding Meng's middle school picture was a former admirer but was now an enemy?

No no. Given her level of attractiveness in the past, there probably wasn't anyone besides him who was capable of looking past her appearance to see her personality. Therefore…was that feeling of love turned to hate directed at him?

After some contemplation, Qiao Yichen decided that was very probable. After all, back in the day he was also one of 7th Middle School's flower boys.

As he pondered, he opened his computer and logged onto Penguin.

Even though he had already left the class group chat, he was still friends with several middle school classmates. When he opened his middle school friends list, he saw that the class president's icon was bouncing.

Class president: Sorry! I've already asked the class group chat about the matter of leaking Ding Meng's middle school picture online. Du Xiao admitted that she was the one who sent it to that promoter.

Frowning, Qiao Yichen typed on the keyboard, "Since I've already left the class group chat, I'll have to bother you to help me pass on a message. Ding Meng and I are already married. If they'd like, I can send them invitations and give them a private room when we hold a wedding reception. It's also fine if some don't want to give us their blessings. I just hope is that no one acts in such a senseless manner again. If anyone else leaks our private matters online, I will settle things in court."

The class president replied very quickly, "I understand. I will pass on your message. Also, Du Xiao said that she wants to apologize to you. However, she doesn't have a way to contact you, and her friend request was never accepted."

Qiao Yichen laughed sarcastically as he looked at the screen, "Tell her, why would we still need the police if apologies sufficed?"

Class president, "…"

Not long after the amicable exchange between Qiao Yichen and the class president ended, Ding Meng published a Weibo post.

DingMeng_LemonLeader (V): I need to tell everyone a secret today. Great Producer Qiao is so high and mighty in the recording studio, but he also has a dark past. Oh, don't believe that this is a math exam score. This is actually Great Producer Qiao's IQ score. *doge*


Of course, the picture was of the math exam that Qiao Yichen had scored a 73%. Ding Meng had taken a close up shot of the red x's, making the test look especially tragic.

Class president, "…"

He had seen this post not long after Ding Meng had published it. Did this count as leaking private matters, as Qiao Yichen had said himself? Weren't grades an extremely private matter? Therefore, would Qiao Yichen be taking his newlywed wife to court?

Thinking about that made him feel a bit of anticipation.

The fans acted as though they discovered a new world and gathered enthusiastically to leave Ding Meng messages.

"Hahahahahaha dying of laughter. Qiao Yichen didn't even know how to solve this problem. This can simply solved by passing through Point E to make a perpendicular line between EO and AB 23333 I bet his IQ doesn't even reach 73 *doge*"

"Surprisingly, Qiao dada was actually a terrible student. I've become disillusioned *bye*"

"I'm also a second year in middle school. Math exams were handed back just yesterday, and I scored a 77%. I feel comforted *smile*"

"That addition sign that Great Qiao drew is really ugly hahaha! Hurry up and come save me! I'm too easily amused!"

"@QiaoYichen dada your wife is throwing shade at you over here. You can do it seven times tonight *doge*"

"@QiaoYichen dada your wife needs to be put in order. Are you going to settle this on a bed? :)"

"Hahahaha I think Great Qiao might not be able to wait until the evening. Settle it directly at work *shy*"

"Requesting a livestream *heart*"

"Lemon Leader, run quickly QAQ"

"If we're talking about the second year of middle school, 73% really does seem rather lacking :)"

"Lemon Leader, will this affect the next generation's IQ? *pity* I'm a little worried about the little bun *pity*"

Before Qiao Yichen noticed this Weibo, Sima Xiaoxiao saw it and reposted it with delight, "Hahahahaha so it turns out that Qiao Yichen only scored a 73% in math back in middle school. His IQ is really emotionally moving *doge*"

After Sima Xiaoxiao's Weibo post was published, her fans quickly appeared.

"I can sense the deep grievances that the empress feels toward Great Producer Qiao…"

"Xiaoxiao doesn’t even go to the recording studio anymore so she must feel safe :)"

"However much he scolded you in the past is however much you mock him in return now *doge* Revenge is so sweet √"

"Hahahahaha 73%. That's enough to make me laugh for a whole day 23333333"

"Suddenly, I feel like even though my grades aren't good right now, I might also be able to become successful. Thanks @QiaoYichen."

"Xiaoxiao is mocking Great Producer Qiao so openly and brazenly. Is it because she's made up her mind to not make any more songs? *crying laugh*"

"Whips Xiaoxiao *angry* *angry* *angry*"

Just as the situation was intensifying, Mr. Qiao Yichen, who had been ridiculed by the masses, finally saw that Weibo post.

After his face darkened, he dialed a phone call to Ding Meng, "Head over to Recording Booth #3 right now. This afternoon's recording has been moved up."

Ding Meng, "…"

Originally, she had been sitting in the lounge by herself, nearly going crazy from laughter while reading the comments. Now…she wanted to cry while laughing.

She should have waited until they had finished recording the album before publishing that Weibo post. Sure enough, haste makes waste.

Taking heavy steps, she walked over to Recording Booth #3.

Qiao Yichen was standing there with a dark face. The sound technician snuck a sympathetic look at her.

He had also seen the Weibo post that Ding Meng had published. Even though he had hid behind his fake account to make fun of Qiao Yichen along with the rest of the crowd, when he was in front of Qiao Yichen, all he wanted to be was a quiet sound technician.

Ding Meng swallowed her saliva and laughed nervously towards Qiao Yichen.

Qiao Yichen also smiled back at her, "Have you learned the song, Merely Fond yet?"

Ding Meng nodded with all her strength, "I've learned it!"

"That's good. Go in then." Qiao Yichen leaned his head, motioning for Ding Meng to enter the booth.

Standing the same spot, Ding Meng sized him up with several glances and laughed as she spoke, "As a professional music producer, you definitely wouldn't bring your personal matters to work, right?"

Qiao Yichen turned his head around and looked at her for a moment. Then, he grinned, "Of course I wouldn't."

Ding Meng, "…"

Merely Fond was the second song that Qiao Yichen had helped her choose. Even though the writer Huang Anzhen only wrote songs very seldomly now, she was still a famous melancholy queen within the music industry. Back in the day, many of Pan Ying's songs were written by her.

Ding Meng's song, Merely Fond, was also one of the melancholy songs that Huang Anzhen was so skilled at writing. The deeply moving melody and the painfully sorrowful lyrics did not fail to bring people to tears.

However, before Ding Meng had a chance to express how filled with sadness she was, she was interrupted by Great Producer Qiao. "Right now, you've been dumped by the man you like. Don't sing like you're celebrating the New Year."

Ding Meng, "…"

How was she singing like she was celebrating the New Year?! Could he not see the teardrops in her eyes?!

"Start over."

Under Great Producer Qiao's command, Ding Meng had no choice but to start over obediently, "Never have I seen your eyes, be so full with the light of summer, when she appeared before you, your world was illuminated…"

Qiao Yichen gestured for her to stop, "Can't you even understand such simple lyrics? Is your IQ only 73?"

Ding Meng, "…"

What a simple and cruel way to retaliate.

"Start again." Qiao Yichen frowned, as if he was extremely displeased with Ding Meng's intelligence.

Pursing her lips, Ding Meng sang one more time but was still interrupted by Qiao Yichen at the same place, "Do you need me to make an excel sheet to tally how many times you need to repeat a song and then upload it onto Weibo before you sing a bit better?"

Ding Meng, "…"

She smiled at Qiao Yichen, "Don't be so childish. I haven't even revealed that you were called Goudan in middle school."

Qiao Yichen, "…"

He had stopped being called Goudan when he started elementary school, okay?!

The sound technician nearby silently let out a sigh. Weren't they a pair of deities that everyone envied? Why did they have to harm each other like this?

However, he – felt – great!

Watching scenes like this play out where married couples had a falling out and became enemies were his favorite!

Under a haze of gunpowder invisible to the couple, the recording for the song was concluded with difficulty. However, after work, Qiao Yichen drove home with Ding Meng as usual.

While eating dinner, Ding Meng became indescribably flustered. Upon thinking about some of the comments from fans on Weibo, she quickly shoveled down a couple mouthfuls of rice and then stood up from her chair. "I'm full! Take your time eating!"

After she finished speaking, she ran quickly into the bedroom without even completely swallowing her food. Then, she pushed the door to close it and prepared to flip the lock. However, the door was stopped by a hand right before it shut.

Qiao Yichen pushed the door open slightly and slipped in sideways. When he saw Ding Meng's hands which were still on the door lock, he laughed, "Trying to lock me outside?"

Ding Meng replied sincerely, "Absolutely not. I was just trying to test the lock's performance."

"Oh." Qiao Yichen closed the door as he entered and flipped the lock shut. "It performs pretty well."

"Hahaha is that so." Ding Meng squeezed over to the door and reached out to open the door, "I'll be heading to the second floor to practice."

Qiao Yichen grabbed her hand and brought her back with with ease, "You don't need to go up to the second floor. You can have your special training right here."

Ding Meng, "…"

Qiao Yichen held her with one arm and pressed her against the wall, "Wife, I didn't expect that you were actually quick enough to take a picture behind my back. However, since you had the guts to do it, you'll need to take responsibility, no?"

Ding Meng, "…"

She made herself sound collected, "Didn't you already take revenge today in the recording booth?!"

Qiao Yichen raised an eyebrow, "You thought that was taking revenge? I'm a professional music producer. I wouldn't bring my personal matters into the workplace."

Ding Meng, "…"

His shamelessness was unparalleled.

She wanted to say something but right as she opened her mouth, Qiao Yichen seized his chance and kissed her.

His kiss wasn't very gentle. It could even be called a little rough, as if he was deliberately trying to punish her. Her lips hurt a bit from the bite so Ding Meng let out several muffled protests before Qiao Yichen finally released her.

Her eyes had become moist. Panting lightly, Qiao Yichen nuzzled up to her lips and whispered, "Let's go to the bathroom."

Ding Meng, "…"

"Go…go to the bathroom for what?!" He was simply shameless!

Qiao Yichen grinned humorously as he looked at her and replied, "Taking a bath of course. What else did you want to do?"

Ding Meng, "…"

It wasn't until the water was showering down on them and steam had filled the surroundings that Ding Meng frowned again and pushed away the person in front of her, "Didn't you say that we were just taking a bath?"

Qiao Yichen laughed and held her in his arms again, "Don't resist. You know that resistance is futile."

Ding Meng, "…"

Goddamnit! They could at least…at least go on the bed!

After tossing around repeatedly for over an hour, Qiao Yichen finally carried out a completely exhausted Ding Meng and placed her on top of their large bed. Satisfied, Qiao Yichen picked up his phone and posted a message on Weibo.

QiaoYichen (V): Everyone can rest assured. I have already put the wife in order. She won't dare to randomly post things again in the future.

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