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06-10 To Blue Land’s Fort

The next morning, Jin got up early and was looking outside from the second floor veranda.
It was already March. The salty breeze blew from the distant sea and brought the smell of spring with it.
“Jin-kun, good morning.”
Jin turned to face the voice, and it was Elsa. She was still wearing the devil silk sleepwear.
“Good morning. Did you sleep well?”,
He asked, Elsa said yes and continued,
“Tatami. Futon. Very comfortable to sleep in.”
Jin was felt relieved by the answer, then asked,
“Eh? Tatami?”
Elsa nodded.
“I voiced my whims and the golem maid laid out one.”
“Aqua did? Huh, wasn’t that thoughtful.”
Jin admired her volition. Since the golems had a Magi Link with Jin and Reiko, it seemed like they were growing little by little.
“This is a nice place.”
Elsa said as she stood next to Jin and looked out at the scenery from the veranda.
“Haha, thanks.”
Jin responded, and because Elsa was still her sleepwear, asked,
“Aren’t you cold?”,
And took off his coat.
Elsa accepted it while blushing slightly.
“…Thank you… Back then too, you lent me your coat.”
She said.
“Today, I’ll be taking you all back to Blue Land after breakfast.”
“Mmh. I actually wanted to stay longer, but I guess I have to.”
While saying so, she inched her body closer to Jin.
“Good morning! Jin!”
A cheerful voice. In a flash Elsa made space between her and Jin, and looked around. Jin also looked around.
“Good morning, Beana. You’re up early.”
“Yes, the morning of the commoners is early.”
Beana said and glimpsed at Elsa who was wearing Jin’s coat. Beana who had already changed her clothes to her ordinary ones whispered,
(I should’ve come in my sleepwear too…)
It seemed like she was too quiet to be heard.
“I- It was nothing! What a good view this place has.”
“Right? Look, you can see the sea in the distance.”
“Oh, that’s true. That’s the sea isn’ tit.”
The morning was a peaceful time.

After finishing breakfast, Jin again took the lead of the golem horses with Koma, and they warped to Blue Land.
Since this time everyone was wearing pants, unlike yesterday everyone had their own horse to ride.
In less than one hour they had arrived at the edge of the forest.
“Sorry about this, but around here we need to get off the horses.”
Jin remembered well what Reinhardt had said yesterday. It would be better for him to avoid unnecessarily displaying his craft.
“I’m reluctant to part with them, though.”
Reinhardt who had given the advice was the first to dismount his horse, then Elsa and Beana followed.
“Koma, good work.”
Jin said, and told Koma and the others to go back,
“Now then, let’s go.”
He said, and began to walk towards Blue Land. Reiko who was carrying the luggage followed, while Elsa and Beana hurriedly jumped towards each of Jin’s hands.
While looking at the spectacle, Reinhardt walked at ease by himself.

Spring was so close that gradually grass was beginning to grow around Blue Land, and as they walked they could smell spring.
“Jin, will you be staying at my place tonight? I want you to see Nana and Raldo who’ve become healthy.”
Beana said while pulling on Jin’s arm.
“He can’t. Jin-kun is Rai-nii’s guest. He’s going to stay with us.”
Elsa didn’t draw back either.
“Well, in any case since Jin’s staying at Earl Kuzuma’s place, Beana-dono, you’ll have time to introduce Jin to your younger brother and sister.”
Reinhardt was unable to just watch and said so, and the two calmed down.
Unexpectedly Reiko’s mood didn’t spoil. It was likely because she was relieved (?) yesterday when Jin had said the two are like little sisters to him.

After walking a little, Blue Land’s ramparts came into sight.
“Oh, they’ve come to pick us up already.”
In front of the walls, two carriages, the butler Adberg, and nanny Mine could be seen.
After Mine saw the group, her expression changed and she came running.
“Young ladyyyyyyy!”
Like a short-distance sprint runner, Mine quickly ran to and hugged Elsa who was next to Jin.
“You’re safe!? Nothing happened to you, right!? Why did you stay overnight without permission!!”,
She kept on rapidly talking. Reinhardt smiled bitterly and said,
“Wait a minute Mine, since she was with me it wasn’t without permission, right?”
But Mine shaked her head,
“No, it is most unreasonable for an unmarried woman to stay overnight at a man’s house.”,
She said and didn’t give up.
“Mine, that’s called not having confidence in young lady and Reinhardt-sama. How many times must I tell you before you understand?”
The butler Adberg said. Moreover, he continued,
“Jin-sama is Reinhardt-sama’s guest with an equal standing. If you look down on him that much, aren’t you just insulting Reinhardt-sama?”
After he had said all that, Mine bitterly hanged her head in shame,
“…Yes… I am very sorry, young lady, Reinhardt-sama…”,
And apologized.
“Mine, if you’re going to apologize, then apologize to Jin-sama too.”
When Adberg said so, Mine bit her lips, and while shaking turned to bow her head to Jin and apologized in a small voice.
After she apologized Jin could breathe a sigh of relief, as he had been worried about how soon Reiko who emitted a thirst for blood would jump on Mine.

“Jin, Mine means no harm, so let it go with this apology. She just has a bad habit of going off the rails with things regarding Elsa.”
“That’s right. Mine has always only worried about me.”
Reinhardt and Elsa were sticking up for Mine, but Jin didn’t particularly care about it any more.
Jin said so, and began to walk. While still attached to Beana by the right arm.
When Elsa saw it, she looked at Mine like she was bearing a grudge.

Reinhardt, Elsa, Adberg, and Mine were in one, while Jin, Reiko, and Beana were in another carriage, and they headed inside Blue Land’s fort.
Jin, whose first time it was in Blue Land’s fort, was looking around here and there with great interest.
Beana saw it and said,
“Come to think of it, wasn’t this your first time inside the walls?”
“That’s right.”
“You know, I get the feeling the inside is actually divided into the noble town to the right-hand-side of the main street, and to the wealthy people’s and high-class shops’ area on the left side.”
Jin, who was told so, again looked at the cityscape around him.
The carriage was traveling on the main street, and indeed on the right side there were mansions, and on the left side there were shops here and there.
“Earl Kuzuma’s mansion is a lot closer to the heart of the city.”
That’s because Earl Kuzuma is that important to Blue Land, Jin guessed.
“Oh, there it is. That’s Earl Kuzuma’s residence.”
Beana said and pointed a finger at the remarkably elegant mansion that had come to sight.

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