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A small clan in a small country?

Although that is what she actually thinks, Murong Qingyan didn’t ask Little White directly. However, looking at Little White’s expression, her doubt got cleared.

Little White who realized he said a wrong thing immediately diverted his eyes to Murong Qingyan’s eyes.

But after a long while, he surrenders and tried to explain: “Oh master, there are some things that I cannot tell you yet. But when the time comes, I’ll definitely tell you.”

Little White doesn’t want to deceive his master, but today is really not the right time to explain. After all, even if he tried to explain it now, she wouldn’t be able to understand.

After hearing his master’s words, Little White jumped straight to table and began to eat.

Murong Qingyan also started eating. When it comes to Little White, she can be more gentle.

After finishing their lunch, Murong Qingyan wears again her scarf and then left the room. Fortunately, when they left, she didn’t encounter Nangong Ye’s group again so everything went smooth.

However, when Murong Qingyan went downstairs with Little White. She saw a young man who was dressed in purple lying on the floor surrounded by a group people inside the Yue Restaurant.

Murong Qingyan doesn’t know the young man’s identity, but just by looking at his tall and elegant looking body. Clothes that has a good quality of silk with elegant embroidery of leaf pattern and a white jade hairpin on his head. A gorgeous appearance.

She can tell that this man is a son of a noble. However, this young man’s face looks very pale and haggard, so obviously he had a problem with his health.

Too bad, Murong Qingyan is not a nosy person. And although she is a doctor, she doesn’t want to spread her compassion right at this time. So, even if this young man is having physical discomfort, she doesn’t care because she doesn’t have any relationship with him.

When the two of them passed by, the young man in purple suddenly felt discomfort on his chest, then he open wide his mouth to gasp for breath. But in the end, his pale face got even paler and seems will lose his life very soon.

“My child!” An old man who was with the young man in purple immediately hold the young man’s hand and said: “Someone come, my son is sick!”

The old man’s face and his housekeeper got very anxious. 

His son has always been sick ever since he was born, so all these years, he only tried to nurture his body because there is no cure for his sickness. And every time his son’s disease occur, his life is always in danger. But even until now, no one is capable of curing his disease.

Today, his son was in a good mood and wanted to go out, which is very rare. But suddenly, such thing happened. So, if his son dies because he brought him here, then he can only blame himself.

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