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In fact, Murong Qingyan is not this tough. But now that the people in front of her are Murong Qingxue and Nangong Ye. There’s no way she would be calm. Perhaps because she got influenced by the original’s memories so much!

At this point of time, the Shopkeeper had more cold sweat on his forehead. Yes, he is afraid to offend the member of the four great clans, but his restaurant is not only for them ah! If these young miss’s words today spread, his restaurant’s reputation would greatly be damaged.

So, just by thinking about it, he felt like a new and big person.

“Since Young Miss like to stay in this room, then we won’t force you to get out.” Nangong Ye suddenly said: “Forgive me for disturbing you. I hope Young Miss could enjoy her meal now.”

Nangong Ye smile, his appearance looks very gentle and graceful. He didn’t cause any casualties, but also considered the Shopkeeper’s future.

But, no one had actually noticed the flash of gloominess in his eyes.

“Brother, why are you… …” With Nangong Ye’s sudden decision, Nangong Shanshan’s heart felt very uncomfortable, because she doesn’t want to give up this room.
As the eldest Miss of Nangong Clan, if she wants something she can always get it. However, today, she only wants to sit and stay in this room but she can’t just because of this woman in front of her that surely doesn’t belong to any big family? So, why would she allow that to happen ah!? “Shanshan, I’ve already decided.” Nangong Ye’s voice sounds angry: “Or, aren’t you also going to listen to my words?”

Seeing Nangong Ye got angry, of course, Nangong Shanshan wouldn’t dare to say anything anymore. She may be arrogant, but she knows very clearly that this brother of her will be the next clan master. So, if she still wants to live a good life in the future. She shouldn’t try to oppose him.
On the other hand, Murong Qingyan didn’t also say anything. She just looks at how will Nangong Ye going to save his face, but in the end, she couldn’t give any comment.
This is definitely his first time to lose his face, but he knows how to take advantage of the situation no matter what the case.

However, around this time, the most person who feels very happy is definitely the Shopkeeper. He had thought that today would really end up in chaos, so he didn’t expect things will be solved.

This young master of Nangong Clan is worthy to be called the most gentle man. After all, he doesn’t rely on his identity to oppress the others.

Soon enough, the Shopkeeper left the room with Nangong Ye’s companion. And to show his appreciation,  the Shopkeeper brought them to the most beautiful room in the restaurant with a few servant. This room is not open to the public because it’s only available to be used by the Shopkeeper himself.

But if such thing didn’t happen today, he wouldn’t bring these people in this room.
“Master, that Nangong Ye  is a real hypocrite.” After those people left the room, Little White could no longer stop himself from speaking: “That Shopkeeper is also stupid! How can he just feel grateful to that Nangong Ye ah?”

“But Nangong Clan is only a small fry to dare swagger their tail in here. Little White said in disdain: “A small clan in a small country, what’s so amazing with that?” Thanks for reading, likes, and comments. TL’s Request: This site run on ads, so please kindly turn off your adblocker or add this site to your whitelist to support my translation, if you can. No spoilers, please!

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