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Although Nangong Ye doesn’t know what kind of person is the woman in front of him. But, just by seeing her style and temperament, he could tell that she is not an ordinary one. So, he doesn’t want to be rude as much as possible. But of course, he can also tell that she is not a member of any four great clans. After all, as the future clan master, it is very important to know every member of the four clans. So, he knows them very well.

With that kind of thinking, Nangong Ye is truly worthy to be the next clan master of Nangong Clan. Because aside from being talented and intelligent, he is also know how to be graceful.

Such a great man can definitely make any ordinary woman fall in love with him!

“Like I said,” Murong Qingyan still doesn’t want to retreat, so she said: “I arrived here first, so I won’t leave. You guys can leave and stop disturbing me!”

Hearing such words, Nangong Ye’s first class face turns ugly. After all, in his entire life, no one had dared to speak to him like this. However, this woman in front of him who knows his identity actually dared to treat him like this? This is something he never tried to imagine.

On the other hand, Murong Qingxue and Nangong Shanshan’s face turn dull.

And at that moment, the Shopkeeper on the side had a cold sweat. Such a thing to happened inside his restaurant is really embarrassing.

Usually, around this time, Nangong Ye would really stay in this room. However, he really didn’t rent this room for a long term use. So when this Young Miss suddenly arrive today, everything become chaotic.

Actually, this thing is not hard to deal with, but he didn’t expect that Nangong Clan Eldest Miss and Murong Clan’s Second Miss will also arrive in this place.

And make things more complicated than it is. So now, he really wanted to come forward and strangle this two Young Ladies to their death.

“Shopkeeper, say, how are you going to deal with this?” Nangong Shanshan said because she knows that the woman in front of her is not willing to leave the room, so she directly asks the Shopkeeper.

“This… …” The Shopkeeper stretched out his hand and wipe the cold sweat off his forehead. Then, went in front of Murong Qingyan.

nd the others are not?”

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