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Half-Naked Hero

At night, Cecilia couldn’t help being assaulted by a feeling on uneasiness

She had dinner together with Goblin and then he was led to a guest room, so that’s fine but—

but the price

—what could his request be?

The hero, Oliver still has not made his request.

dont make Cecilia so uneasy >


it’ll be okay

Endless, anxiety

take a deep breath

“Is there, something to drink……?”

hot chocolate would be good for calming down

In this cute room that Oliver had prepared.

A canopy bed decorated lavishly with lace. Furniture that seemed to contain the soul of the craftsman. They were all first-class goods.

So that Cecilia can live without any inconvenience. Although that is the room Oliver prepared, there was no pitcher of water.

Feeling the dryness of her throat, Cecilia had no choice but to drag herself to the living room.

Oliver….rmb basic needs pls

Of course, not preparing a water pitcher was also Oliver’s strategy to draw Cecilia to the living room—but Cecilia did not even think of that.

…you sneaky devil

“Why, am I allowed to be free in this house……”

a mystery

Because she is the demon lord, even if she is thrown in prison she can’t complain.

In fact, she feels like asking why she wasn’t put in prison.

not cute enough setting

Slowly slipping out of her room, she headed to the living room.

She has also become a little used to walking around in this mansion. While thinking about that and praying that Oliver is not there, she headed to the living room.

But Cecilia’s prayer was easily shattered.

a trap!

“Hm? What is it, Cecilia? Couldn’t sleep?”



Seeming to have just come out from the bath, Oliver met Cecilia with a towel wrapped around his waist and his upper body naked.

Making a bitter face, Cecilia let out a sigh, thinking it would have been better to endure the dryness in her throat.

he planned it all though

“Aah—-a drink? I’ll brew you some tea right now.”


go wear clothes fitst

Why was it revealed so easily? With a wide smile, Oliver went to the kitchen to brew the tea.

She considered taking this chance to return to her room, but she felt sorry abandoning Oliver who went to brew tea for her.

Actually, if she abandoned him and returned to her room, he would probably follow, thinking of that, Cecilia shivered.

….no escaping….

“Here, help yourself. My princess.”

“…….thank you.”

not your princess

Obediently saying her thanks, she accepted the tea from Oliver.

When she slowly took a sip, warmth spread through her body.

wonders of tea




Silence flowed between the two, but Oliver kept smiling while watching Cecilia sip the tea.

He feels like he can watch her for hours, but things are different for the one being watched. Cecilia mentally screamed for him to stop looking, but Oliver splendidly ignored it.


After a long silence, Oliver was the one that spoke.

“Hey, Cecilia. —can I make a request?”


is no an option?

Hearing those words, Cecilia shook in surprise.

Putting the tea she was holding in her hand on the table, she looked at Oliver with trembling eyes. Oliver who found even that expression cute, is already at a terminal stage.

beyond hope

“Wh, what do you want to make me do…….”

“I won’t make you do something that difficult. Actually, Cecilia doesn’t really need to do anything.”



Cecilia grew more and more uneasy at Oliver’s words.

Not having to do anything meant that Oliver would be doing something her. She hugged her small body, wondering if she would be tortured.


“……under, stood. Because I promised, torture me or do anything you want.”


Tightly closing her eyes, Cecilia averted her face.

Inviting in the demon lord’s subordinate, Goblin, treating him to dinner and even preparing a room for him to stay in. No matter what was done to her, she can’t complain.

In the first place the demon lord Cecilia is a captive. The time for conviction is just brought forward a little—that’s it.

it’s not like that

“Does Cecilia, want to be tortured?”


ofc not

Oliver’s low voice whispered into Cecilia’s ear.

Reflexively opening her closed eyes, she shook her head a little. Even if she knows she would be tortured, there aren’t many who would say ‘please torture me!’ out of their own will.

While trembling at the fact that Oliver had come right next to her, she denied it.

calm down

“I see, that’s good. I was wondering if Cecilia has some strange interest like enjoying being tortured.”

“Wh, a…….”


—-Absolutely, not!

She wanted to scream, but Oliver was close by so she couldn’t.

just scream

“Well, that seems fun in its own way though.”


don’t you dare

Hii. Tensing her body at Oliver’s words, she tried to stand up from the sofa to escape—but Oliver, standing in front of her, had both hands on the armrests, so she had no way to escape.

Cecilia could only regret not enduring her thirst.



Goblin was soundly sleeping on his bed, but he abruptly woke up.

Ever since the demon lord’s castle was attacked, he has not slept well.


“……Cecilia-sama is safe. It’s, alright.”

no, save her

Even if she was kidnapped by the hero, Goblin felt that her life here was peaceful.

He once again lied down on the bed to sleep, but he couldn’t quite fall asleep. He wants to see Cecilia, but it was already late at night so that cannot be done.

Goblin decided to talk to Cecilia once more tomorrow.

negotiate terms of release

“But, looking at the hero’s doting……bringing Cecilia-sama back to the demon lord’s castle will be difficult. What should I do……”

bring her back anyway

But considering the hero’s strength—even with all the demonic creatures at the demon lord’s castle, they cannot match him.

He might have no choice but to just watch for a while. Goblin’s shoulders slumped.

nth can be done….

“…….guess I’ll drink some water, then sleep.”

yes, go

As he thought about Cecilia, his mind gradually became more awake. Telling himself that it was pointless, he thought of drinking some water and then sleeping.

But there is no water in this room. He was uncertain whether it was okay for him to go down to the kitchen—but he concluded that it should be fine as long as he returned immediately and headed towards the living room.

go, goblin!

The corridor was dim and silent.

Since there was a chance Cecilia and Oliver were resting in their rooms, Goblin slowly walked down the corridor and down the stairs so as not to make noise.

yes, shhh

“Hm? The light is on in the living room…….”

don’t call out

Oliver might still be awake.

he is

“It might just be the usual time for Cecilia-sama to sleep and not actually that late for normal humans.”

early sleeper?

He decided to directly convey his intent to get water to the master of the house. Putting his hand on the door to the living room—-Goblin’s movements stopped.

Cecilia’s voice, could be heard.

save her!

“Nnu……why, are you doing this……”

“Because, Cecilia is so cute.”

what are you doing!

Goblin’s hand that gripped the doorknob grew sweaty.

barge in!

“Here, Cecilia. Open your mouth? ……..there, good.”

“……no, more. I, can’t.”



Goblin’s face grew pale, what if she really was lovers with the hero?

Cecilia is still the demon lord. It is hard to believe that she would be raped by the hero without any resistance. Goblin thought that she would at least use enough magic to destroy this mansion.

u wat

Sneakily peeking through the gap in the door, there was Oliver sitting on the Cecilia-use sofa. And Cecilia was sat on his lap.




Goblin opened his eyes wide.

Because Oliver’s upper body was naked.

and lower body covered with just a towel

A single formula was created in Goblin’s mind.

Hero Oliver’s doting x Cecilia’s feelings = lovers


“They, really were lovers……?”


But there was a critical flaw in this formula.

Even if Oliver’s doting was 1000, if Cecilia’s feelings was 0 then sadly the result would be 0.

not sad at all

From Goblin’s point of view, it looked like Cecilia was obediently sitting on the lap of the half-naked Oliver.

He focused his eyes to figure out what exactly they were doing, but he couldn’t tell.

He could only see that Oliver’s hand was close to Cecilia’s mouth.


“Wh, what should I do—!!”

save her!

In the instant Goblin unable to make a decision, Oliver looked at the entrance to the living room……at Goblin.

He instantly realised that he had made eye contact. Having seen a scene he should not have seen, Goblin panicked.

save cecilia first!

—I’ll be killed!?


Goblin prepared to be cut by Oliver, but luckily that type of situation did not develop.

Having seen Goblin, Oliver put a finger to his own lips and smiled. The silent gesture of ‘shh’ was clearly seen by Goblin.

barge in!

Hastily moving away from the living room, Goblin returned to the room he had been given.

While pondering about Oliver and Cecilia’s relationship, Goblin fell asleep. With the decision to confirm it with Cecilia the next day……

it’s a no



“Nothing. Cecily is just cute.”

“……it’s, Cecilia.”

yes, very cute

In the living room, was the scene that Goblin had seen.

Oliver’s request, was for Cecilia to sit on his lap and let him feed her snacks.

can you wear some clothes first

“……I can’t, eat anymore.”



Oliver’s finger that held a cookie touched Cecilia’s lips.

ulterior motive!

—so soft. I want to keep touching it……

He tried lightly pressing on Cecilia’s lips with his finger. The way she trembled slightly was very cute.

go away perv


she is cute though

A sigh leaked from Cecilia’s mouth.

That sensation that assaulted Oliver sent a chill through him, this is bad.


—so cute, I don’t think I can stop myself

no, dont

Thinking it was part of the bargain, Cecilia obediently allowed that action reluctantly.

Her trembling figure with her eyes tightly closed, was like that of a kitten.


“……It’s about time to sleep. I will accompany you to your room”

“……! No need, I can go myself.”

“Really? A shame.”

don’t follow a lady into her room

Once he let Cecilia down from his lap, she ran to the door of the living room at full speed.

As Oliver looked on while thinking that she really was like a kitten, she took a last look back at him—but quickly returned to her own room.

Was her face seeming slightly red, just Oliver’s mistake?


“Aah too cute, Why is she that cute.”

because she’s a demon

In the living room where Oliver sat alone, only Oliver’s happy voice could be heard.


Author’s note:

Because of the hero’s fault, the story isn’t progressing.

This is troubling.

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