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Chapter 90: Stop…

Zhang Xiao Qiang saw that Cannon had grabbed onto Yuan Yi’s clothes, and with a tug of his finger, the military knife slid into his hands. He tensed his body, ready to throw the military knife anytime. He couldn’t care anymore, no matter how displeased he was with Yuan Yi, she was his subordinate. Since the men here were mavericks, he might as well bring the women away. At the least, they would not leave such wretched lives here, and they would not seek to kill themselves because of a lack of hope.

Yuan Yi did not falter when her clothes were grabbed. From the very beginning, she had been calm and expressionless as though there was no danger whatsoever.

Being pulled by Cannon, her body flew forwards involuntarily. She swung her legs forwards to block in between her body and Cannon’s chest.

“Riiiiiip!” The military uniform was torn from the collar to the right waist. With the ripping of the uniform, Yuan Yi flew backward onto the ground and was knocked slightly out of breath by the pain.

Cannon was likewise in a bad situation. Having being kicked in the chest, he stumbled back a few steps. He then rubbed the front of his chest where there was a footprint before his breathing regulated.

Both parties stood up at almost the same time, and Cannon glared at Yuan Yi furiously, his hands rubbing his chest. That kick of hers had landed at the position of his heart. Yuan Yi’s appearance was likewise miserable. One of her sleeves was torn off, leaving a huge hole at the side. A large amount of skin was revealed near her collar, and one could see her tank top when taking a closer look.

“Rip…” Yuan Yi tore off her entire uniform, looking exactly like she had yesterday. Seeing her fair skin and beautiful figure being displayed for all to see, Zhang Xiao Qiang felt sour in his heart. This woman that he disliked so much could actually cause him to feel jealous. Even if he didn’t like her, she was still his woman, how could she be seen by others?

Cannon was thoroughly infuriated, and it wasn’t an ordinary rage. He was feeling extremely humiliated. He was a person of renown, and people would have feared his name. However, he was forced to a standstill against this woman, who up to a few days before had still been a female slave. He felt as though everyone present was mocking him, and he wanted to kill someone badly, he wanted to tear this bitch in front of him into pieces. He wanted to bathe in her blood to satisfy his rage.

Yuan Yi didn’t care for his rage, she only looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang out of the corner of her eyes. As long as she saw him, her gaze was resolute, all she needed was his eyes. She would be fearless, and she wanted him to know that she was not useless, and wanted to make sure he had no way of abandoning her at all.

“Ao!” Cannon made his move, this time stretching his arms outwards to grab Yuan Yi. The moment he caught her, then the ball would be in his court. He wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her in front of everybody, before breaking her bones one by one and tearing her heart out to bathe himself.

He lunged towards her like a crab, making weird grunts. Yuan Yi was tall, her 1.7+m frame standing there, seeing Cannon who was 1.6 plus charging at her, it was truly a strange scene.

Seeing this familiar scene, Zhang Xiao Qiang heaved a sigh of relief. A flying man was about to appear.

Right before Cannon reached her, Yuan Yi ducked into his space, grabbing his left shoulder while kicking out at his legs. With her waist power, Cannon was sent flying.

“Clang clang!!” Cannon crashed into a glass wine cabinet, as shards of glass fell all around. Cannon was lying on the ground with pieces of glass in his face. There was even a large shard of about 6 to 7 inches stuck in his right eye. His hands were on his head as he rolled about and screamed in pain. Yuan Yi walked over to him and brought her leg up over his knee.

“Stop….” Brother Long noticed that things weren’t going smoothly and stood up to shout. Yuan Yi ignored it and brought her leg down viciously.

“Kacha” Cannon’s wail of agony resounded through the dining hall. He Wen Bin and the rest stared on with pale faces and their backs drenched with perspiration. Chen Yi was silent, his gaze somewhat cold when he looked at Cannon, yet there was a hint of a smile at the corner of his lips.

Brother Long stared at Zhang Xiao Qiang with a steely expression: “Is this how you teach your women?”

Zhang Xiao Qiang’s expression turned unsightly. Brother Long was fixed only on Yuan Yi, yet had no issue watching Cannon try to murder Yuan Yi every step of the way. Was he that easy to bully? He stood up ready to retort when Chen Yi suddenly spoke up.

“Hahaha! Brother Long, relax relax. Lil’ Bro, you calm down too. Brother Long was agitated, that’s why he said that. After all, Cannon had thrown so many things, everyone had seen it clearly. What say you guys?”

Chen Yi sought to cajole Brother Long and Zhang Xiao Qiang, before throwing his gaze towards He Wen Bin and the rest. They didn’t know what to say and kept their eyes down on their bowls, as though the bowls in their hands had become priceless antiques of war.

Brother Long stood there, his expression unsightly. After a while, he calmed down and wore a forced smile: “Hahaha! Lil’ Bro, forgive this older brother for being so muddled. It’s not your fault, nor is it Yuan Yi’s fault! Haha, Lil’ Bro is really lucky, if I had known Yuan Yi was such a good fighter, your brother I would not have given her!”

Brother Long laughed, while subtly reminding Zhang Xiao Qiang that Yuan Yi was a gift from him. It was sort of giving both of them a way to back down.

Yuan Yi walked over to Zhang Xiao Qiang, who quickly took off his shirt for her to wear. He also muttered for her to not casually take off her clothes. She kept silent, her hands clenching tightly, although there was the slightest smile on her lips, which wasn’t obvious if one didn’t look.

Zhang Xiao Qiang motioned for Yuan Yi to sit beside him before he replied Brother Long: “Haha! This little brother’s woman was truly at fault, she should have just taught him a lesson. There was no need for her to be so vicious.”

After that, he turned to reprimand her, and Yuan Yi herself had no more of her valiant display earlier, instead, lowering her head to accept the scolding.

After a few mouthfuls, Zhang Xiao Qiang spoke up: “This little brother had intended to stop for a few days before continuing my journey. I think we would not be staying for long, I hope for Brother Long to accommodate me a few more days.”

Zhang Xiao Qiang made use of the chance to express his intentions to leave, and Brother Long’s expression became even better. It seemed as though he could not wait for Zhang Xiao Qiang to go. If he had insisted on staying, Brother Long had no choice but to join hands with Chen Yi to take him out. In his eyes, Zhang Xiao Qiang’s performance was too overwhelming, to the point that Brother Long felt threatened.


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