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Chapter 89: Challenge!

When Zhang Xiao Qiang walked into the dining hall, Brother Long and the rest were already seated and waiting to start their meal. As they watched Zhang Xiao Qiang walk in, Brother Long and Chen Yi were full of smiles, as though they had nothing to do with the man who snuck into Zhang Xiao Qiang's room last night.

"Haha, you guys are already running laps so early in the morning, Lil' Bro, you're really hardworking!" Brother Long began speaking, before pausing halfway, with his smile still intact: "It seems that Lil' Bro's room wasn't that peaceful last night, did Lil' Bro sleep well?"

Seeing his shameless smile, Zhang Xiao Qiang replied noncommittally: "Oh yeah, there was a rat that came in, it woke me up. I slapped it to death and managed to enjoy a good night's sleep. I wonder which stinky hole did that rat come from?"

"Haha, what a good slap to death, let's eat, let's eat!" Brother Long did not continue the line of conversation, everyone was smart enough to know that some things could not be talked about openly.

Yuan Yi sat quietly by Zhang Xiao Qiang's side. She didn't glance about, only digging into her meal quietly.

"Hmph! Out of line!"

Cannon who was sitting at another side of the table saw Yuan Yi digging into her breakfast at the table without a sense of propriety. He was reminded of her pointing her gun at his head, and he began to pass snide remarks at Zhang Xiao Qiang not controlling his women well.

Zhang Xiao Qiang didn't bother retorting, he was too lazy to deal with Cannon. A fellow that was scared to death of even ordinary zombies, what the fuck? Lowering himself to speak to Cannon was truly embarrassing.

"Ding Dang!" Yuan Yi threw the spoon in her hands into her bowl, lifting her head to stare at Cannon. She did not speak, although her eyes began to turn bloodshot, her tongue licking her lips. Her nostrils flared as she began to take heavy breaths.

Zhang Xiao Qiang knew that Yuan Yi had been infuriated, and she was getting pumped up as though facing the zombies yesterday. In her current state, she was extremely dangerous, she might not even listen to his words.

Cannon had provoked Yuan Yi, Zhang Xiao Qiang did not want to step in, and he was unwilling to. After all, Yuan Yi was his subordinate, just like Cannon was Brother Long's underling, how could he speak up?

Cannon became angry as he found Yuan Yi glaring at him, and stood up in a sweeping motion, shouting at her: "What the fuck are you staring at? Stupid bitch, eating at the table and you think you're fit to challenge me? What the fuck are you?"

Hearing his shout, Yuan Yi did not explode out in anger, however, the bloodlust in her eyes became thicker. There was a sort of flirtatious look in her eyes, her gaze on Cannon was like looking at a zombie. She turned to Zhang Xiao Qiang, her eyes questioning.

Zhang Xiao Qiang knew she was asking for his permission to act, and he felt a headache coming along. Cannon had killed in his life, and had taken on a number of people at the same time. His moves were not simple, was Yuan Yi really a match against him?

Yet, seeing Yuan Yi's pleading look, he thought to himself: "Forget it! I'll let her be. Who knows, it might be better that she suffers a little lest she gets too proud."

"Sigh, yes ok! No weapons, no taking of life!" Zhang Xiao Qiang finally spoke, as though to remind Yuan Yi, but it could be taken that he was warning Cannon as well. Should he dare to hurt Yuan Yi, he would not hesitate to act.

Yuan Yi immediately stood up, staring at Cannon challengingly. Cannon immediately barked: "Let this granddaddy show you how a good dog should act! You're nothing without a gun!"

Yuan Yi did not reply, instead, stepping over to an empty area beside the dining table. Brother Long and Chen Yi did not say anything, just watching coldly. He Wen Bin and the rest were more docile, lowering their heads to focus on their own food, as though they were not interested in whatever was going on. They knew of Zhang Xiao Qiang's strength firsthand, yet they also had to rely on Brother Long for their future. Hence, they could only pretend to be deaf and mute.

Cannon looked at Yuan Yi mockingly, striding over while trash-talking: "It's possible to not hurt you, you just have to spend the night with me, hehehe…"

Yuan Yi did not reply, instead, lowering her stance, fixing her gaze on Cannon's shoulder. He also became serious and knew Yuan Yi was not for show.

No one had the mood to eat now, as they kept their eyes peeled on the unfolding scene. Yang Ke'er raised her legs onto her chair, her eyes twinkling with excitement while twirling her soup spoon in circles.

The stare-down did not last too long, as Cannon threw out a forceful punch first, aiming for Yuan Yi's chest. His speed was relatively fast, and Zhang Xiao Qiang just caught sight of the punch about to land on Yuan Yi.

"No good!" He exclaimed silently, his right thumb unfastening the cover of his military knife, ready to provide assistance anytime.

At this point, there was not a ripple on Yuan Yi's calm expression, and she shifted her body slightly to evade the incoming blow. The next instant, her hands had caught hold of his shoulders, and she used her body weight to press down on his joint.

Cannon was different from Old Hairy, he did not panic, instead, shoving hard with his right shoulder. Yuan Yi's strength was much lesser, and her grip was shaken loose, even her footing became unstable.

Cannon took the opportunity to send his left fist towards Yuan Yi. She had no time to evade the blow, and quickly stepped towards his body. Before the fist landed, she quickly lowered her body and scooted under his legs.

She then used her right hand to prop herself up from kneeling, before sweeping Cannon's feet with her own. He was sent stumbling forwards a few steps.

He turned around swiftly and adjusted his position. His expression became a lot more grim, as he could tell that Yuan Yi did possess the skills, and her fighting spirit was strong. In the few exchanges earlier, they were about equally matched.

Cannon and Yuan Yi stared at each other for a few seconds before they charged at each other again. Cannon sent a powerful kick with his right leg, causing a slight gust of wind. Yuan Yi crouched down as the leg came sweeping above her head. She did not even check to see if the right leg had landed and pounced forth towards Cannon's waist.

Cannon's foot had not landed, and his body was still twisted to the side, his center of gravity displaced. When he was slammed by Yuan Yi, his entire body flew and collided into the LED Tv hanging on the wall.

"Bang!" The LED display dented inwards after Cannon's head smashed into it.

"ARGH!!!" He started to roar in frustration and made to grab the display by the corners, wrenching it out. He then turned around and flung it towards Yuan Yi. She was just behind him intending to follow up with her strikes but had to duck to dodge that projectile.

"Sou…" The display screen brushed past Yuan Yi's back, crashing into the window. Without waiting for the display to land, Cannon had pounced onto Yuan Yi with a bloodshot look in his eyes.

Seeing Cannon use an item to accost Yuan Yi, Zhang Xiao Qiang felt extremely displeased. Brother Long and Chen Yi had no expression, but He Wen Bin and the rest had ugly looks. Even Yang Ke'er was cursing that Cannon was shameless.

Cannon had become like some enraged bull, as he began to destroy the items around him in a bid to charge at Yuan Yi. As he pummeled the items, glass teacups, paintings, furniture, were all destroyed by him. He was like a tornado that sought to rip everything around him apart.

Yuan Yi circled around him with light footsteps. Dodging his constant assaults, her eyes were calm, and she continued to keep a lookout for an opening to launch an attack.

Cannon's right hand shot out to claw at her face, and she stopped short without hurry to allow the blow to pass. All of a sudden, Cannon changed his strike and grabbed at her clothes, pulling her in and intending to send his left fist to pummel her face.

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