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Chapter 88: I'll Sleep Here Tonight!

There was a saying: "You might have guessed the beginning, but not how it ends!"

Zhang Xiao Qiang had just walked to the side of the bed, and before he could do anything, he was suddenly covered by something and received a kick to his chest. He was sent tumbling to the ground, his head spinning. He thought back to how similarly he had dealt with the intruder in his room, it truly is retribution!

Zhang Xiao Qiang rolled backward, as the follow-up attack landed on thin air. He stuck his head out of the blanket, in time to see a sharp knife making for his head. His handphone had dropped on the ground, and the light was too dim to illuminate anything. He only saw the knife being held in a black shadow, and the person was agile and nimble.

Zhang Xiao Qiang quickly laid back and used his waist strength to propel him forwards in a barrel roll. The flash of the blade swept by and penetrated the blanket.

Without waiting for Zhang Xiao Qiang to get up, another black shadow pounced over from the side. The hands seemed to be holding something squarish that was brought down repeatedly on Zhang Xiao Qiang's head. He turned to his side and sent his right leg kicking out furiously, connecting with the leg of the assailant. The shadow grabbed the point of impact in pain and sat down.

In a single breath, the knife-wielding shadow pounced from behind, with the knife aiming for Zhang Xiao Qiang's neck. He hurriedly scrambled backward, kicking out at the wrist of the shadow, causing the knife to drop to the ground.

The moment the knife landed on the ground, Zhang Xiao Qiang used his legs to hook the legs of the assailant, causing the body to fall onto Zhang Xiao Qiang.

A slender hand grabbed onto his right shoulder, and in a single motion, slid down to his wrist. The assailant grabbed hold of his ring and little fingers and was about to snap them.

"Yuan Yi, it's me." Zhang Xiao Qiang finally recognized the scent of the person, as Yuan Yi had climbed into his bed a few nights ago. He could not forget the unique scent.

The pressure lessened, as Yuan Yi stood up and helped Zhang Xiao Qiang up as well. In the dark, Zhang Xiao Qiang's face was flushed red. There was a slight warmth in his cheeks. He had truly been tossed and thrown about tonight. After all, he was a character who was known to have killed a D2, yet he was pummeled by a woman, almost losing his fingers in the process.

What was most depressing was that Zhang Xiao Qiang had just used a similar method to deal with the intruder in his room. In the end, he was almost dealt with the same way by Yuan Yi. How could this not be a blow to him with his machismo thinking? At first, her performance had sort of pleased him, but now she had pulled into his blacklist.

The light on the phone came on again, as Yuan Yi stood by the side, embarrassed. She didn't know where to place her hands. In front of Zhang Xiao Qiang, she didn't dare to speak. Instead, she chose to lower her head like a wooden dummy. Su Qian stopped rubbing her calf, as she stood up to wait Zhang Xiao Qiang's instructions.

Yang Ke'er's limbs were spread out as she snored loudly. Only her stomach was covered by the blanket, while everywhere else was exposed. Her fair legs were illuminated slightly by the dim lights of the phone.

"When did you discover me?" Zhang Xiao Qiang was curious, he didn't really make noise when he came in.

"When you turned the doorknob, I was awakened. I tried calling Miss Ke'er and Su Qian, but only Su Qian woke up." Yuan Yi whispered softly.

"It would be a miracle if you could wake Yang Ke'er up! Even the D2 could not wake her…"

Zhang Xiao Qiang celebrated in his heart. Fortunately she had not woken up, otherwise, with her strength, he might have suffered a few broken bones.

"Someone's dead in my room, I'll sleep here tonight!" Zhang Xiao Qiang spoke nonchalantly as he took off his shirt and climbed into bed. Yuan Yi and Su Qian finally stirred from their shock and were helpless against his tone. The way he spoke about the intruder in his room and the death was as though he was talking about a mouse.

Zhang Xiao Qiang laid down quietly, not bothering about Yuan Yi or Su Qian. The training in the morning had been intense, and now his eyelids were already drooping. He just wanted a good night's sleep. Everything else was unimportant.

Something or someone dug into his embrace, and he didn't care. In any case, there was Yuan Yi like a personal alarm, and he didn't have to be vigilant all the time.

This sort of feeling was a first in Zhang Xiao Qiang's 30 years of life. He could not describe it, he just knew it felt extremely comfortable. In his dreams, he was getting it on with an adult star, towards the end, her mouth had even wrapped around 'Little Xiao Qiang'. Something danced about 'Little Xiao Qiang' very actively. He was woken up from his dream, and he felt that there was a tongue really dancing around his 'Little Xiao Qiang', and he could not hold it anymore, ejaculating.

As he laid there feeling comfortable, he enjoyed the sensation, laying beside Yang Ke'er. Yuan Yi and Su Qian was at the other end, and the person who had serviced him in the morning was Su Qian, if not Yuan Yi.

Yang Ke'er was snoring like a little piglet in his arms. It felt like he was hugging and rocking one to sleep. He checked his watch and noticed that it was 6.20am. He then pressed his fingers around Yang Ke'er's nose, causing her to stir from the lack of oxygen. When she awoke and saw Zhang Xiao Qiang looking at her, her eyes immediately brightened up.

Her first expression was one of wonder, the next happiness: "Husband! You're finally willing to come find me on your own initiative?" As she asked him, she began to sniff at him all over, trying to remember his scent.

He slapped her butt and said: "Get up, time to train."

Yuan Yi and Su Qian had already woken up, and as they got out from under the covers, Zhang Xiao Qiang saw Su Qian looking at himself with an expectant look. There were even some of the 'leftovers' from earlier at the corner of her mouth. Yuan Yi looked coldly at her without saying anything, just dressing and preparing to head out.

The group of them trudged towards the field where they practiced yesterday, before putting on the equipment and embarking on their run.

There was a difference from yesterday. Other than Zhang Xiao Qiang and Yang Ke'er's speed remaining largely constant, Yuan Yi and Su Qian fell behind fast. After all, there was still the soreness from yesterday, and their bodies were still aching, trying to adjust to the rigorous training.

Zhang Xiao Qiang did not rush them, after all, he had taken similar slow steps to get to where he was. Only by enduring and pushing through, will their constitution see some improvements. It was the dark before dawn still.

When it came to the time to rest, Zhang Xiao Qiang gave Su Qian a piece of bread, while he led Yang Ke'er and Yuan Yi into the dining hall.

At first, Yuan Yi didn't have the qualifications to eat at the dining table, but Zhang Xiao Qiang felt that she could hold her own against zombies, and thus she had the right to. It was sort of a statement to her as well, saying that her status had changed. She didn't have to crawl around and must have confidence in herself.

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