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Chapter 128: Food

A yellowish brain splattered in front of Zhang Xiao Qiang's feet. He looked at Yang Ke'er who was evidently excitedly swinging and about to smash once more, as he said: "Must you really smash their brains? Can you see where the disgusting parts are landing at?"

Yang Ke'er stopped, and when she saw the disgusting brain matter splattered all over the ground, with some even on her clothes, "AH!~!!!" She immediately tiptoed out of the area, holding her mace up high, while she shook her leg vigorously, hoping to shake off the brain matter.

He watched on speechlessly as Yang Ke'er continued to torment herself. She had lost interest in killing the zombies, so it was up to him.

He brought up the Steel Beast Horn Spear and deftly thrust it outwards through a zombie's head. He then swiftly twisted and pulled it out, and the Beast Horn Spear exited smoothly, with a gaping hole in the head of the zombie. As he continued to stick out his spear, he kept his eye on 3 D-types that were wedged in the midst of the zombie group. They were slowly making their way over.

Yang Ke'er got down from the car and got some towels to clean her trousers. Her face was bitter, and she was muttering under her breath. Yuan Yi had taken her position, covering for Zhang Xiao Qiang. Any zombie that got its claws too close to the vehicle they were on would be sliced by her, their claws separated from their arms.

This group of zombies could not be said as too many, nor too little. The pile of corpses in front of them started to accumulate, and the zombies behind pushed forwards, getting closer and closer.

One of the D-Types had managed to get close with the cannon fodder in front, its claws reaching the vehicle. It exerted some strength to charge over. Zhang Xiao Qiang had been keeping an eye on them, and right when it was prepared to strike, he immediately thrust into its open mouth, tunneling a hole into its head. The D-type collapsed amidst the growing pile of corpses, becoming a stepping stone for the zombies behind.

"Get down." Zhang Xiao Qiang motioned to Yuan Yi, and they both jumped down from the car. The zombies on the other side started to climb onto the car, and the clamoring claws forced Zhang Xiao Qiang to be more careful. He raised his spear and was preparing to strike at the knee when suddenly, a gust of wind blew past his ear. The shadow of the huge mace came flashing by his eyes, and the zombie was immediately turned into minced meat. Its legs were still on top of the car, while its upper body had tumbled down from the vehicle, landing at Zhang Xiao Qiang's feet. He followed up with a pierce through its head.

Yang Ke'er was infuriated, as she raised her mace and swept through the remaining zombies like trash. The 2 D-types had not yet the chance to exhibit their might when they were directly sent to hell.

Her eyes were red as she sought to finish them all up. As long as a zombie had its mouth gaping, even with its limbs already broken or smashed, Yang Ke'er would just bring her mace down on its head. She had finally mastered the right amount of strength to prevent any splattering of blood and brain matter.

Seeing the Land Rover that had been buried under the zombies, Zhang Xiao Qiang had no interest in going to clear the area. Even if there were living people, it was of no concern to him. Did he have to bring everybody he met to WH like a nanny? He turned around and walked to the open doors. He saw that Shangguan Qiao Yun was not at her location, and he suddenly panicked, not knowing where she was. He swiveled about to look, and realized she had already entered the granary, he just didn't notice.

Shangguan Qiao Yun was standing with Su Qian, both of them looking at the pile corpses. Her face was pale, and her jade-like hands were in front of her mouth, trying to stop herself from vomiting. She had been thoroughly frightened, by the zombies as well as Zhang Xiao Qiang. She had not expected him to be so formidable, killing the zombies like it was a game. When her team in the past had come across those zombies, they had all been frightened out of their wits. Even strong and burly men would seek to avoid them and move. It was not like there were no brave souls that wanted to capture her heart, it was just that those that had gone up to kill those zombies, or those brave enough, had already become food for zombies.

When she saw the men at the chicken farm cowering and eating their chicken feed, she had lost faith in all men. That was why she thought of Wuhan, she wanted to find a place that could make her feel safe. When she heard Yang Ke'er say that any of Zhang Xiao Qiang's women could kill those zombies, she had come to understand that sometimes women can do things men couldn't do.

She knew Yuan Yi, both of them had a similar status, but after meeting Zhang Xiao Qiang, Yuan Yi had changed. Totally. Seeing her become so formidable, she had a new thought, she wanted to be like Yuan Yi. She didn't want the superficial dream of going to WH because she had found a new goal.

Hence, she had set forth on this expedition, thinking that Zhang Xiao Qiang was strong. However, he had surpassed her imagination, seeing such a large number of zombies being killed, she wanted to cry, she wanted to scream her lungs out, but she didn't dare. He was right there, and she had already given him a bad impression once. She had to fight to salvage herself. She needed to become a woman not afraid of those zombies.

Zhang Xiao Qiang shot her a glance and nothing more. He then signaled to Brother Long and the rest who were not far away. The winds were strong, and he felt that shouting might not reach their ears. Hence, when he stepped out, his hair was blown about like a chicken nest, instead, the women whose hair were long had kept their hair neat. Seeing that they weren't as messy, Zhang Xiao Qiang felt a little depressed.

The moment Brother Long saw the signal, he and his men got into their vehicles and drove towards Zhang Xiao Qiang. The Hummer was among them, as Three jumped down from the car, and smiled towards Zhang Xiao Qiang in a fawning manner.

When the group saw the Land Rover in the alley and the pile of zombie corpses at gathered, the number was really shocking, and Brother Long stared with his eyes wide open. Chen Yi looked at Zhang Xiao Qiang with a complicated gaze. He had not expected Zhang Xiao Qiang to be really that formidable. As for He Wen Bin and Three, they weren't shocked, as they had already seen what Zhang Xiao Qiang was capable of, and this was reasonable to them. He had even gone in and out of a thousand zombies before, this was barely a small stage for him.

The rest of them didn't dare to breathe, and the atmosphere was slightly chilly.

"Hahaha!! Lil' Bro is truly a man of talents, why did I not think of stuffing the alleyway? See that? See that? That is intelligence, you guys must learn to use your brain, not stick it up your arses, en? You must learn to be…what do they call it…use your surroundings to your advantage! Is it like that?"

Brother Long commended Zhang Xiao Qiang, but his words had an underlying meaning, as though implying that Zhang Xiao Qiang had made use of strategy. He didn't respond to those words. His task was completed, and he would bid goodbye to this bunch of criminals tomorrow.

Brother Long got Vulture to get some men to clear the corpses, while he and Chen Yi walked into the granary. Zhang Xiao Qiang followed behind, intending to see the amount that was stored.

With the sunlight from outside, he saw clearly that the warehouse was stacked with countless sacks of rice. The stacks reached up to 5 or 6 meters in height, each bag was at least 100 jin. Zhang Xiao Qiang felt light-headed. How much was all of this? 5,000? 10,000? He was very sure that the amount he had collected could not even reach a corner of what this granary had.

Walking in the middle of those stacks, eyeing the 2 mountains of rice bags, Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly felt himself very small. This sort of feeling was strange, he was actually comparing himself to rice. Brother Long and the rest were actually happy about the food. Some of them would caress the sacks, some even reach in to grab a fistful of rice, and watched it fall back into the sack from their hands. It was a truly celebratory mood.

Seeing this all about to be in Brother Long's hands, Zhang Xiao Qiang suddenly felt like he had gotten the short end of the deal. A .81 rifle and 300 bullets for over a few thousand tons of rice?! Was Shangguan Qiao Yun even worth this much rice? However, they had agreed to the terms beforehand. He had no reason to object anyway since re-discussing the terms was beneath him.

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